Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goodbye, Dear Hans

The sweet Hans came over the morning we left to say goodbye. Our driver, whom we had hired from Beijing, was coming down with a big van for all of our zillions of bags of luggage, and he was late getting there because Beijing traffic is ca-razy. So we hung out with the Hans for a couple of hours.

We were always joking that Mrs. Han was Gage's Chinese Mother, because he loves her so much. She would always respond, "And I love heeem." So cute. So Professor Han started calling himself Gage's father. He would say, or rather, yell (he is the kind of guy who yells everything he says. I think it's really funny), "GAGE! I AM YOUR FATHER!"

Professor Han always, always, always has his Baoding Balls in his pocket. He's always getting them out and twirling them around on his palm when he's thinking about something. They're actually the pits of some kind of fruit, I think. He said they cost him, like, 800 yuan, which is, like, $130. Pretty pricey for fruit pits, in my opinion, but whatevs. He said that the kind of harsh texture of the pits promotes circulation better than normal smooth Baoding Balls. That's what he also told me when he made me walk barefoot on his rug-made-of-rocks. He's ca-razy. :) I don't care if walking on rocks improves your circulation - it HURTS.

Mrs. Han was teasing Sadie by squishing her:

I can tell it pains her that she could only have one child. She's meant to be a mother of many, you know??? It would make me sad, too.

Cute little Ha Han:

He was so sweet with the kids. I know Micah especially took a shine to him. And he's single, ladies! Wink, wink! Haha!

We miss the Hans so, so much. I'm going to have to get them American presents, as well as the presents I'm planning to get Summer and Maria. We'll have to get Ha Han something about Barack Obama. He LOVES Obama - all the Chinese do, because they feel like he's a socialist, basically. And the Chinese love socialism. There were these t-shirts we saw in Beijing that had a cartoon Obama on the front, dressed in Chinese revolutionary garb, and on the back, it said, "ObaMao." Ben thought that shirt was so funny that he bought one for his dad. :)


Nat said...

You should convince the Hans and Summer and Maria to come out and visit you guys! And you could take them to Yellowstone, where they could pose in front of geysers with the peace sign!

They look like they are just as sweet as can be. And Ha Han is a cutie! If I knew any Single Ladies, I would tell them to go to China to meet him! Because "love is the international language", as the crazy Mom on Better Off Dead would say. Not John Cusack's mom, the other one that gets blown up.

Patty said...

Your experience sounds incredible! And the people seem so nice. When I think of the Chinese I only think of yelling and feeling like I am in trouble... even if they are only saying good morning.
Looks like you met some really remarkable people there.

Emily Empey said...

hahaha, well I am glad someone likes Obama! The Hans seem so nice! HOw sweet!

Mindy H. said...

What a cute family... and the Hans seem nice too ;-D

I'm glad that you had some nice people there to watch out for you, but I am soooooooo glad that you are all home!

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