Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I can see your halo.

That song came on the other day in the car, and of course, I started singing really loudly and over-dramatically, because I loooove singing those low notes.  I think I'm hilarious.  My daughter thinks I'm mortifying. 

I was feeling....angsty....tonight and went for a jog-a-roonie.  In the 30 mph wind and freezing rain.  It's hard to explain why I would do such a thing, but...  Kay.  It's like, when I'm feeling the angst, I need my outside to feel like my inside.  My inside is boiling and windy and explosive.  And if I go and jog in horrible weather, I feel cured for awhile.

And it's not like I was really, really having an especially hard night. I just...need that release.  I don't know.  It's hard to explain. 

I think it's because my house is a pit and I can't make it stop being a pit.  I make my kids do chores, I always have them pick up their crap, but at the end of the day, there it all is again.  Nothing ever feels complete.  Nothing ever feels clean.  I haven't had a clean house since I had just two kids.  Then Micah hit us and the world hasn't ever been the same. :) 

And if you get on here and tell me all the stuff I should do to improve my situation, I might just have to go take another jog.  I'm just sayin'.  I know what I need to do, and I'm doing my best.  Eventually my kids will maybe get it.  Or they'll move out.  Until then, I, and everyone around me, will have to accept my housie-pooh the way it is. 

I saw this the other day on facebook and had to share it:

Anywho, so I came home, and Ben laughed and laughed because of mine haar:
My maiden name starts with an H.  Let's say it's... Hendrickson.  A lot of us girls in my family have/had this thing where, if we're in damp and windy situations, we get this halo of curls.  We call it the...Hendrickson (wink, wink) Halo.  We grew up on a boat, so obviously, the halo was a big part of our look.  Waterskiing in a ponytail, letting it dry in the wind as the boat goes 25 mph over the water...that's the formula for the halo.

It's very Jane Austeney of me, eh?  No makeup, all those curls around the face...now I just need one of those bodice things that push my boobs up unnaturally and make them look like a cup that almost runneth over.

You've seen period movies.  You know what I'm talking about.


Megan said...

LOL Hendrickson Halo! Love it! My hair does that even when I'm having a normal day so you're lucky it only happens in bad weather! :)

You're a great mom! We all have days we just need a release and I totally know what you mean about running in bad weather. It makes you feel clean and fresh! We need that as moms! Love you!! :)

na yiu said...

Then everything will be all right, you deserve to be a mother to all of her love.
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