Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's mainly teenagers that get my lame-o jokes. Mainly.

I felt good enough to teach ballet on Thursday evening, which was a minor miracle, since I have felt horrid before and since that class.  This has been a rough chemo round, you guys.  A rough one.  At least I'm not "in hospital," as they would say on Call the Midwife (my new TV show obsession).

I was teaching 7-9 year olds that night; I really do love them.  They are (with a few exceptions) willing to try stuff, and they really love pleasing their teachers.  They also give me huge spontaneous hugs, which I love.  

I work at a studio that mainly focuses on jazz, so these little teeny girls can do double jazz pirouettes, chinese split leaps, and aeriels - seriously impressive stuff - but they haven't focused so much on ballet.  Ballet in this studio functions as mainly a training place.  A place to get them strong and make them get into the habit of pointing their toes and sucking in their guts.  I love being their "trainer."  I love showing them the beauty of ballet.  I've had just a blast at this job, truly.

So on Thursday, I thought it might be fun to teach them adagio at the barre (slow, sustained movements, bringing the leg way up high and holding it, moving it into a new position while still in the air, etc.) - something they haven't learned yet.  It's difficult, but it's really great for creating the long, lean muscles in your arms and legs.  And it's great for balance.  

One of the movements I had them do is called attitude.  Your leg is high in the air, but bent at the knee.  It's a really beautiful position.  Here's me showing attitude devant last summer:
And here's me, demonstrating attitude arabesque:
Yep, that's me.  Did you know that I lost about 40 pounds, magically regained my center pointe skills, and regrew back my hair?  Crazy things happen.

So when I was teaching them about attitude, I showed them the move, told them that it was called attitude, and then cracked the following joke:  "It's the only time when attitude is good to have in ballet class!"


Crickets, you guys.  Crickets.  They didn't get my joke.  Even when I said, "Get it?  Attitude??  Get it?"  So sad.

Please tell me that you get it.

I'm saving up this joke, friends.  I will be using it with my teenager class on Wednesday.  I'm hoping for a good response. :)  


Sherron said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a while, but I've never commented (bad, I know). So, hi!
I love cheesy and corny jokes. As a dancer, I totally get your attitude joke. Most of the time my boys understand my jokes, but they tend to groan and then laugh. I'll take it!

You are a beautiful woman. I don't envy your position right now, but I really am impressed with your attitude- physical and emotional! I love hearing about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your life journey- thanks for sharing all of it!

rajesh babu said...

that all about your attitude and thanks for sharing with me.

Mindy H. said...

I totally get your awesome joke... and I totally understand kidlets not getting jokes. So much of my best material is wasted on them!

I am so glad that you were feeling well enough to teach the humorless cuties. I hope that you will continue to feel better and better!

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