Tuesday, November 6, 2012


My poor, poor Sadie girl.  She's been sick.  She had flu-like symptoms on Halloween and had to stay home.  She wanted so desperately to go trick-or-treating.  She got all dressed up, had me take her picture, and went, "Ohhhh, I don't think I feel good enough to go..."  I love her face in this:
She did feel better the next day, but then the day after that, started complaining of pain in her ear.  We took her to the doc this weekend, and it turns out she has an ear infection.  In fact, her ear is so goopy that she can't hear very well.  We do have her on antibiotics, and I hope they start to take effect soon, because I'm worried about her hearing. 

I was helping her with homework yesterday, and she kept saying, "What?"  I had to make sure I spoke a little louder and always had my face toward her so she could read my lips.  I e-mailed her teacher and let her know that, yes, Sadie can't hear, and that, hopefully, it's only temporary.

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Kathleen said...

I hope she feels better soon. She looks so cute in her costume. Nicholas had strep throat on Halloween one year. His sisters took his bag and trick or treated for him. They told everyone he was home sick and he got soooo much candy. He stayed home and passed out candy, infecting the whole town in the process I'm sure.

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