Friday, November 23, 2012

Moondrops, Thanksgiving Style

Dude, sorry this is a day after Thanksgiving.  Let's chalk it up to the fact that I had surgery last week, mmmkay? :)

Here is my third project using Moondrops, a product by Bright Side Crafts.  I'm loving how versatile they are, how many colors are available, the ease with which I can incorporate them into my cards, and how inexpensive they are compared to brads and eyelets.  I am an official fan.

So here is a card ready for some embellishments:

Moondrops are perfect for use with ribbons.  They make a good jumping-off point for the ribbons.

So I trimmed the nubbins off the moondrops - I used Firelight Gold for this project:
 Then affixed some Zots to the flat side of each Moondrop:
 Then I stuck them onto the folded ribbon, which I had already affixed sturdily to the card:
And that is that!  I was worried that I wouldn't be able to see the color of the Moondrop if it wasn't against a white background, but as you can see, the color really can stand on its own, no matter what the background:
 My hubs is such a good photographer.  I love having him around for these kinds of photo shoots. :)
If you want to look at some other great crafting ideas using Moondrops or other Bright Side Crafts products, head on over to their blog.

Kay, friends, it's time for me to attempt to pee and then lie on the couch for about an hour.  Such a busy life I lead. :)


Aprillium said...

Kar! Thanks so much :D Such a doll! I will see if I can get this up on their blog sometime tommorrow! Get feeling better and have fun with the peeing! (wow, that just came across as weird... oh, well)

Aprillium said...

OMgoodness Kar! I finally got it up. Sorry I'm fail lately!

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