Monday, November 4, 2013

My Weird, Weird Husband (2013 Edition)

Okay.  Halloween.  Glad it's over.  I was a grumpy-grumpster all day long.  I really tried to be a good sport, but it's just...hard for me.

So here are the oldest three when they went to their school's Halloween carnival a couple of weeks ago:
Gage refused to put on his costume, and he was throwing a fit, so I didn't take a picture of him.

Dylan and Micah were...I don't know what to call them.  Grim reaper guys, I guess?  And Sadie was a Pink Skeleton.  That's what the costume bag calls it.  She wanted a pink wig, and Ben bought her one.  And then she wanted hearts painted on her face.  What hearts have to do with scary skeletons is beyond me:
She requested black slash thingeys around the hearts.  I don't know.  I did my best.  She also wanted eyeliner, and I'm telling you, that is the LAST time I apply eyeliner on that girl.  She acted like I was poking her eyeballs out.  And it was liquid liner!  Imagine if I had used a pencil. 

When Halloween finally arrived, Ben went off to take his big architecture test and I sent the kiddos (except for sick Sadie) off to school.  Micah came home proudly bearing a Frankenstein tattoo:
Ben came home when Dylan got home (we'll find out how he did on his test in about a month, unfortunately) and then everyone got ready.  Ben's office does this trunk-or-treat type thing - I guess I should call it a cubicle-or-treat.  They really get into it - everyone dresses up.  It's cute.  Ben, of course, wore the same costume he's worn for about 12 years:
Which means that he got white makeup and fake blood on everything in my house.  My steering wheel is all white now.  Can you see that he has custom-fit fangs?  Yep.  Next year, he swears he's going to get those black-out contacts for his eyes. 

He's really into Halloween.

So then we went over to the office and took the kiddos around.  Sadie decided her wig was too itchy and that the makeup was too big of a pain in the butt, so she went in her normal hair and face, which was fine with me.  She still felt crummy, but the Call of the Candy was enough to get her off the couch and into a costume.
 This is Ben's cubicle-mate.  He's nice; I can't remember his name, though:
The mechanical engineer guys made this spook alley.  I wouldn't go into it (spook alleys freak me out), but according to Ben, there was a mechanical Stay Puft Marshmallow Man like in Ghostbusters, heads that looked like they were floating by themselves, and those machines that poof out air on your legs intermittently.  Your prize for going through the spook alley was a full-sized candy bar.  So of course, Ben was going to do it.  After much convincing, he talked Dylan into going.
Dylan is so weird.  He brought his stuffed panda bear in his trick-or-treating bucket and put a black hat on it and said that it was his "demon child" - I have no idea - and his candy had no place to go and kept falling out while we were going around.  I guess when they were in the spook alley, he jumped so high that his panda went flying through the air, along with half of his candy.  He grabbed the panda, but couldn't find his hat.  And he was really freaking out, so he just booked it out of there.  Haha!  So they came out, and Dylan is like, "My hat!  My hat!"  And Ben was like, "It's too dark in there - I can't find it. I'll get it for you tomorrow morning."  I just thought that was funny.

Oh, and Dylan said of this event:  "Going through that spook alley was scarier than trick-or-treating at a terrorist's house."  He's Mr. Simile.  He told me at his taekwondo tournament that the floor felt like "walking on dry ice."

On our way home, we were hungry, so we stopped at Mickey D's.  Ben gets a big kick out of giving people at the drive-through a creepy smile when he goes through on Halloween.  This guy kept a pretty straight face:
 He's a consummate professional.

A couple of hours later, our ward had a trunk-or-treat.  My sis, Nat, and her kids joined us.  Her son, Brock, had my favorite costume ever - Crazy Dave from Plants vs. Zombies:

 Nat made that beard herself!  She's so resourceful.

This dude had an R2D2 robot thing that he drove around the parking lot, which the kids loved.
 I got to drag the kids around to the cars while Ben stayed at our car and scared small children:
 He'd say things like, "Ooh, you look so yummy.  I love eating little children..."

I'm telling ya.  Weird, weird, weird.

THEN we went to my mom's house to celebrate her birthday.  She wouldn't let me take her picture, the twit.  So I took a picture of what Nat and I got her:

 Um, there were some scarves inside. I'm a dork and forgot to take a picture of the actual present.

My parents have this creepy mask that they've had for like 25 years.  Micah had fun trying it on:
 Nat made an apple pie for dessert and she was soooo proud of it.  She hadn't ever made a lattice-top before and told me to take a picture of it, so here you go, Nattles:
She's so funny.  She kept calling it a "la-TEECE" top, and Mom and I were like, "You mean lattice?"  It was cute.  Like when Nat was 8 years old and called a yacht a "YA-chutt." And I called a recipe a "ree-CYPE."


Brooke Stephens said...

I know the dude with R2D2! He is super nice! His name is Doug Atwood. I love Halloween...I just wish that there was more time in the morning.

Kathleen said...

Glad you survived it and it's over for you. I'm sure your 5 kids loved it.

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