Friday, November 15, 2013

The ADHD Series

I thought it might be interesting for those of you who don't have ADHD kids to see what life is like with one. 

I have Dylan take his pills first thing in the morning.  If I don't watch him actually ingest the pills, he will get distracted and forget all about them.  He'll leave them on the counter or drop them on the floor, and not even notice.  Once he's actually taken his pills, it takes about half an hour for them to start working.  That half an hour is a toughie. 

Then, at night, his pills wear off at about 7 p.m. or so.  Those next two hours are also toughies.  When Dylan has an activity at night, I'll give him an extra pill so that he's not obnoxious, for example, when he has scouts at 7.  One evening, I forgot to give him the extra pill, and one of his new scout leaders came up to me and was like, "I saw on Dylan's paperwork that he has ADHD."

"Yeah, he does; and I'm so sorry - I forgot to give him an extra pill so he wouldn't be obnoxious for you tonight."

"Well, have you ever heard of essential oils?  DoTerra?"

"Uh, yeah."

"I am a salesperson for DoTerra.  These oils are amazing.  You just put them on...wherever the problem is...and the results are fantastic!!"

"Yeah, I've heard good things."

"Like for Dylan, you could completely take him off his medication if you gave him the oils he needed."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah!  I mean, these oils, like, CURE Multiple Sclerosis!!  So all you'd have to do with Dylan is put some calming oil...wherever the problem is... and he'd be basically cured."

"Um, well, my friend is going to have a DoTerra party and wants me to come, so I've kind of already committed to that."

"Oh.  Well, if that doesn't work out, let me know.  We could really make a difference in Dylan's life with essential oils."

Now let me just tell you - I do think that essential oils can help people.  I totally believe in that.  But this guy was BUGGING.  He was using his position as Dylan's leader to sell me stuff.  And then he was making these crazy claims, like that the oils can CURE Multiple Sclerosis.  Dude, I know a lady with MS who uses DoTerra oils, and I haven't seen her cured.  As far as I've heard, there is no cure.  Lastly, he didn't even know where to put these on Dylan!  Does he have access to Dylan's brain?  Is there a little hole you can pour the oil in?  No.  I mean, if he had done some research and it shows that if you put it at the base of the cranium, or on the wrists or something, then cool.  But he had no idea where to put this stuff!!  BUGGED. 

I'm not saying that I'm against DoTerra oils. And I wasn't lying about my friend having a DoTerra party.  She is, soon, and if there is an oil that might help Dylie, and it's not too expensive, you bet I'll get it.  Another DoTerra lady at this women's expo my friend and I went to told me that they have these oils that help with plantar fasciitis.  Sign me UP.  So I'm not saying that I'm closed-minded about it.   I'm just saying I'm against uninformed people who try to take advantage of their church callings to sell me stuff.

Um, random tangent.

Kay, so I decided to take some videos to kind of show you what our mornings are like.  They're really short - about 20 seconds each.  But they'll give you an idea of what we deal with every morning.  And I'm not complaining about it.  I've made my peace with Dylan's condition.  It is what it is.   I just thought it would be informative for those of you who don't have ADHD kids.  Or those of you that think you might have ADHD kids. This is what ADHD looks like.

Sorry about this last one.  I temporarily forgot that you don't hold the video vertically like you would if you wanted to take a vertical picture.  You'll have to tilt your head to the side:
Mornings are not my strongest suit. :)


April Sattison said...

Goober is getting better as he is getting older (maybe puberty is starting to play "reset" with his hormones?) but Missy is still a space cadet in the morning... I think that if she could keep track of what she is doing in the morning we could be able to get her up at least a half hour later than we currently are.

Nyline said...

Boy, this reminds me of Tristan in the mornings on the weekends. I give him his medication before I leave for work and by the time his dad gets him up for school, it is already in his system. But on the weekends...I see him like super hyper. Running around jumping off the couches...asking a hundred times for breakfast until, I give up and get out of bed. I feel your pain girlfriend!

Gloria said...

Oh, I think he is being a normal 10 year old.I know it can be very frustrating but I think he will get better as he gets older. I agree with you about selling you things at church. If he had offered to give you a free sample then that would be different. Sounds like you know how to handle him when he's off track.

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