Saturday, March 1, 2014


My cute new friend, Tiffany, wanted to learn all of my mom's random songs.  Mom had a bunch typed up, so I copied them and gave them to her.  I didn't know a few of them, so I had my mom sit me down and sing some of them with me.  One I didn't know is called Skeeter-Eater.  Here are the lyrics:
I woke up Sunday morning, I looked up on the wall.
The skeeters and the bedbugs were playing a game of ball.
The score was six to nothing, the skeeters were ahead
A bedbug hit a homerun and knocked me out of bed.
      Singin’ eenie meenie mynie and a mo, Chickaboomba
     Catch a skeeter-eater by the toe, Chickaboomba,
     And if he holler-oller-ollers, better let him go
     Singin’ eenie meenie mynie and a mo

I went downstairs to breakfast, I ordered ham and eggs.
I ate so many pickles, the juice ran down my legs.

I went back to my bedroom, to see what was the score.
A bedbug hit a homerun and knocked me out the door.
My mother is a Russian, my father is a spy.
And if you don’t believe me, just ask the FBI.

I went into my closet, to find my favorite suit
A bedbug put my shoe on and gave my rear a boot.
My brother is a baby, my sister is a boob.
The bedbugs are all heroes, I watch ‘em on the tube.

The Camp Leader is wonderful, he never tells a lie.
She said we’d better say that or she’ll hit us in the eye.

And the video my mom and I made of the song didn't work out, so I re-sang it and recorded it for Tiffany's benefit:

I'm also doing this for my friend Shelly, who is camp director this year for her ward.  :) 

Tiffany and I are Achievement Day leaders, and we're thinking of having a faux campout in her backyard with her fire pit.  We can have foil dinners, roast marshmallows, sing weird campfire songs, and play campfire games.  Obviously, this won't happen for a few months.  We have our mandatory 3-month Windy Time around here, where winds are routinely 40 mph.  But when those die down, it's Weird Camp Song time.


Mindy H. said...

A faux camp out sounds like a very fun idea...when the winds die down a bit. Thanks for posting the song. I have never heard that one before and it is very cute!

Screamer said...

nice blog!

Love the family picture!

just stopn by! :}

Megan said...

I've never heard that one! I used to love singing camp songs! What a fun idea for the girls! Maybe I could do something like that with my 2 wolf den boys:)

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