Monday, June 23, 2014

Yes, I was there, notwithstanding lack of photographic evidence...

Ben's niece (my niece?  It feels weird saying that.  Like I don't have a right to say that or something.  Maybe it's something I'll get over as I mature?  Yes, I am 37 years old and still immature), Taylor, got married last weekend!!  Oh my gosh, it was awesome.

They were married in the Rexburg temple, and it was such a neat experience to go inside and see the two of them get sealed for all eternity.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the words the sealer said before and after were so wonderful.  Ben's mom and dad lost four babies early in their marriage, and Ben's sister, Jen (Taylor's mom), also lost her first baby.  The sealer said that he could feel the presence of those of the family who were taken from the earth early, and that was it.  We were all bawling.  The Spirit was so strong.

 (All photos napped from Ben's stepdad's facebook page...)
Other things that made me teary-eyed - he emphasized that nothing could ever, ever separate Taylor and Ryker.  They will be together forever.  Also, the sealer gave some advice that some of the prophets have given on keeping a marriage strong, and it's always a good reminder to hear these things and to really put our lives into perspective.  I've been struggling so much with Ben's layoff, but when I was in the temple, I was reminded of what really matters.  I will be with Ben forever.  I will have my children forever.  Ben loves me and treats me well.  These things are the most important things.
 (Yep, I'm in this picture.  I'm wearing hot pink.  You can see my hot pink shoulder over toward the right side of the picture.)

Afterward, we headed up to Ashton, where Ryker is from, for a ring ceremony.  There are several members of the family and several friends that were unable to attend the sealing, so this was a really nice thing to do.  Right on the banks of the snake river.  With 20 mph winds.   A perfect Idaho wedding. :)

 Again, I bawled a ton.  I've been on a bawling spree lately.

The food was amaaazing, and there was a leeetle bit of dancing.  Which I, of course, participated in.  You can see my hot pink shirt behind Ben's sister, Jen, in this picture:
 Sadie and I were boogeying down.

I wish I could show you a picture of the property where we had this ring ceremony/reception.  There is this big pool, and a cute little waterfall and creek that goes into it, and a pretty little's awesome.  My kids were in hog heaven.  Seriously, it was the perfect venue for kids.  We could keep an eye on them from the tent and they could run around like wild Indians.  Gage was particularly fond of splashing through the creek and throwing rocks into the pond.  Dylan was trying to catch a turtle the whole time.  He came really close, but his cousin threw a rock at the turtle's head each time and the turtle swam away.  At one point, I believe Dylan yelled at his cousin, something along the lines of, "I HATE YOU!!!"

I love it when my kids embarrass me.

Micah was loving the dancing, too.  He wouldn't dance with Sadie and I.  He insisted upon being in the corner and tripping the light fantastic by himself.  He's a kooky kid.

I buttered my roll at dinner and took a bite and slowly chewed, thinking, "This is really spicy butter.  Is it, like, a mustard-butter??  Do they make mustard-butter?  Like honey-butter??"  Turns out that the little serving cups had horseradish in them.  I was eating a roll with horseradish spread in it.  Good times.

We got to stay in this cute little two-room cabin/hotel thingey in Ashton.  The kids looooved it.  Micah kept saying how much he wanted to live there. 

It was on a creek, and it was dog-friendly, which Pepper appreciated. 

Gage appreciated the abundance of "dah-piz" (caterpillars) on the property.  His grandma Go-Go had gotten him a little bug cage thing where he would deposit them.  For awhile.  Mainly, he would play with them until they died.  Poor things.

A highlight of staying in Ashton for me was my jog early in the morning before the wedding.  I jogged for an hour among the wheat fields and had a world-class view of the Tetons.  It was really emotional for me.  We may be moving away from Idaho.  And that makes me sad.  Nothing beats an Idaho summer.  I love the Tetons.  I love the rolling wheat fields.  We'll just have to make sure we visit often.  In the summer.  :)  Because I won't miss the springs or the winters here, that's for sure.

Ben has an interview TOMORROW in Vegas.  Pray for us?  I'd be okay with Vegas.  I'm usually okay anywhere.  Except China, obviously.  I really wish I could pack my family and friends here in my pocket and take them with me.  My hilarious Brazilian friend, Adelina, said, "Oh, I LOVE Vegas.  I haven't been there yet, but I just know I would love it.  I'd rather live anywhere than Idaho.  I'd rather live in Afghanistan than in Idaho."  Haha!  She cracks me up.  I should do a whole blog post on funny stuff Adelina says.

Kay, I need to go weed.  Peace out.


Mindy H. said...

What a fun wedding! And nice work on the dancing. Weddings/receptions NEED dancing.

I will be praying for you and Ben and excited to hear about the interview. Two of my best friends live in Vegas, and the both love it desperately.

Nyline said...

I would be ok with you moving to vegas! vegas is only 4 1/2 hrs from me! I am so selfish!

Megan said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm glad it was uplifting!

I've been praying for you guys and will continue! I hope everything goes well with this interview in Vegas!! I would love having you there because then I can get Mark to want to visit there more often! My family being there isn't much of a pull for him:P lol

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