Monday, July 14, 2014

A Rough Night

Welp, I was violently ill all night long last night. Slept on the bathroom floor. Well, maybe "slept" isn't the right word for it. I existed on the floor. And then I was up every three minutes, doing my bidness. It was freakin' awesome. My body finally ran out of things to rid itself of at about 8 a.m. For fun, I weighed myself before bed last night. Then, out of curiosity, I weighed myself this morning.

I lost 3 pounds in 8 hours.

I tried not to feel perversely pleased at this.

I mean, I'm not saying I would ever take laxatives to lose weight. I guess I was just glad that all of my suffering wasn't for naught. At least I lost 3 pounds from it. I've been working on those pesky three pounds for the past month. :) It's like my pregnancy with Micah. So, so horrible. I was so sick that I only gained 9 pounds. So after I had him, I looked amazing! Which was fun. But then the weight inevitably piled on again. It always does.

At any rate, I went to the insta-care here in town this morning. I was really hoping they would give me some kind of shot or something. Instead, I waited for 3 hours, and then was very helpfully told that I either have a virus or some kind of bacterial infection. I had to, um, provide a sample of my...product (humiliating!) and get my blood drawn. I will be contacted in 3 days about the results. And if I'm still violently ill in the interim? Drink lots of fluids.

Thanks, Doc.

I'm seeing a bit of a pattern. I'm sick all night, dizzy and tired but okay all day, able to eat dinner and laugh really hard at reruns of Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen with Ben's uncle Jody (I mean, have you seen that show? Hi-larious), but at bedtime, I feel my body sink back into horrible illness. As I type this, I'm trying to ignore my churning stomach. I'm just so grateful that only 2 of my kids had this illness and it only lasted 12 hours for each of them. Fingers crossed.

Ben got the official job offer from Bend this morning. He'll make a little more than half of what he was making before. But we both feel good about it. I figure we've lived off that salary before; we can do it again. We've been poor our whole marriage; we're used to it. I'll work and it will be okay.

And get this - the boss of this company called Ben a couple of hours after he had e-mailed the offer, all anxious. "Sooo, um, did you get my e-mail? Are you going to join us? We just really want you in our company. We think you'd be a good fit."

How adorable. Like a boy saying to a girl, "So, did you get my text???" And it's gratifying, too, to know that Ben's talent is being honored and that he's wanted. He needed to hear that, for sure. I think he'll really love this job.

So now it's time to figure out logistics. Selling house. Finding temporary room for rent in Bend for Ben. Eventually finding rental house. Probably a single-wide trailer in a really bad part of will be fantastic. :) But hey, way more temperate winters there. And hardly any wind. And summers don't get very hot. Kind of getting excited.

When the kids and I were walking around downtown Bend during Ben's interview, every other store was a wine shop or a coffee shop. The kids were thoroughly dismayed by this. You would have thought by their reaction to this that we were walking around the red-light district in Amsterdam. I had to keep telling them that we're not in Kansas anymore, and that Bend is different from Idaho Falls in lots of ways, but that people who drink coffee or alcohol aren't bad people. And that we're going to be more of a minority now, but that it will be a good chance for us to be good examples and introduce people to our beliefs. I reminded Dylan of his baby blessing, which emphasized that he would be a good example and missionary to his friends. I told him that us moving to Bend would give him a great opportunity to fulfill this part of his blessing. I think it will be great. It's fun to live in " the mission field." I really enjoyed that about San Diego.

Tomorrow, I have a great story for you involving some dumb girls down at the lake this evening. Good stuff. Stay tuned. In the meantime, pray for me that I won't have another night like last night...


Megan said...

I totally felt the spirit as I read this post. I'm so glad you guys got the offer and that Ben will be appreciated for what he does! And the fact that you're getting confirmation from the spirit is so great!! You can do ANYTHING with the help of the Lord! Let me know what you need help with!! You know I'll help in anyway I can!!

Mindy H. said...

Life is so much... well, not necessarily EASIER, but definatly less difficult and more peaceful when you have those beautiful feelings of confirmation. Now if you can just get your stomach to have a few more beautiful feelings, you will be ready to take on this new adventure!

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