Saturday, October 4, 2014

She's MINE. Pffft!!

My mom, dad, Micah, and I decided to take a drive up to Palisades Lake today.  It was such a pretty day.  We decided to try to find a place along Fall Creek to picnic, and we came across a moose!  So cool.  We stared at and photographed him for quite some time.
He was magnificent.

Then we moved on, but to our dismay, the campground/picnic area was closed, so we turned around and came back down the same road on which we had driven.  The brown moose was still there, enjoying lots of drinks and just standing there.

Then this huge dude lurched out of the bush and trotted down into the water in a very aggressive manor:
The brown guy quickly got up onto the shore on HIS side of the river.  The Dark Guy took a drink.
Dark guy stood for awhile, staring at Brown Guy, like, "You'd better watch it, Brown Guy!"  Then he looked at us spectators like, "What?  You wanna piece of me, too???"
Don't worry.  I was using my really long lens.  We weren't close to these two at all.

Then  Dark Guy waded further into the river to again let Brown Guy know where he stood.  I wanted to get a shot of Brown Guy's retreat, but he was on my side of the river, and the brush prevented me from getting any kind of decent shot in.  I happened to take a picture of Dark Guy right when he was licking his lips after another drink.  But I think it's hilarious, because he looks like he's sticking out his tongue, like, "Nah, nah-nah nah, nahhhh!"
Haha!  This picture is priceless.

There was a hunter who had been watching for quite a long time - before we even first saw Brown Guy.  He told us that Dark Guy had a cow behind the bush that he was claiming.  Moose mating season is only two weeks long, and apparently, it's happening right now.  The hunter actually got drawn for a moose tag.  He had used a moose cow call, and that's what had brought poor Brown Guy down the river to check out if he could find a lady love.  Did you know that a moose draw is a once-in-a-lifetime tag?  It has taken him ten years of applying to get drawn.  But he can only hunt for moose on the Brown Guy's side of the river, not the Dark Guy's side.  We asked if he was going to follow Brown Guy and shoot him, and he said, "Nope.  His rack isn't big enough.  I want one with a bigger rack."

So like a man.  Always looking at racks.  Wah-wahhhh...  Sorry.  Boobs have been a lot on my mind lately, for obvious reasons.  Currently, Lefty is higher than Righty.  So we filled Lefty fuller and are hoping that gravity can talk Lefty into dropping a little bit.  Then we'll fill righty to match lefty and hopefully be done with the stretching part of my reconstruction.  I can't get my real implants in until after radiation.  So...Marchish?  Until then, I shall continue to feel like I have two hard bowls on my chest.

Micah was crying yesterday because Molly was leaving for vacation.  From him.  Not kidding.  He has caused so much trauma for the poor dog that she is a nervous wreck.  So she's on vacation at my sister Natalie's house.  She's good frenemies with Nat's cat, Meemo.  They hunt each other and have a grand time.  Until Molly gets up in Meemo's grill and Meemo waps Molly soundly on the face with her clawless front paw, then runs up to higher ground.  But paw waps don't make Molly a nervous wreck.  Those roll off her teeny little shoulders.  However, Micah's endless carrying around of Molly, poking Molly in the face, and "designing dresses" for Molly while watching Project Runway (Micah's favorite show) - including dressing her up in said dresses (which involve various sizes of washcloths and different pieces of ribbon, plus fabric scraps) - make her a nervous wreck.  So she's traveled to Northeastern Idaho Falls for her health.  Just like people in Jane Austen's era traveled to Bath for their health.

Anyways, Micah was devastated at the two day loss of Molly and came to me for comfort.  He fell upon my hard, high, Lefty Bowl to weep.  I felt bad.  It must have felt like clutching yourself to a big rock and trying to snuggle into it.  Ah well.  Hopefully the true implants will feel a bit softer someday. :)


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