Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Overheard Yesterday

Overheard #1:

I inherited my grandpa's world globe, which I have always, always loved:
Yesterday, I was in the kitchen, and I overheard Sadie and Dylan looking at the globe and spinning it.  I guess Dylan was spinning it quite a lot, because Sadie started getting dizzy from watching it, and she said, "I think I'm going to throw up."

Dylan said, "So basically, you're saying the world makes you want to throw up.  That you hate the WHOLE WORLD.  Mo-om!  Sadie said she hates the whole wo-orld!"

Incidentally, Russia is still the U.S.S.R. on this globe. :)
Overheard #2:

I made chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars yesterday (recipe found here). 

Sadie was eating one in the kitchen, and I was in the bathroom, doing my hair.  I overheard her say, "These are so good I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT!!!"  Haha!


lexykay said...

I'm so jealous you got the globe! I looove that globe!!

Mindy H. said...

The globe is awesome. What a great reminder of your Grandpa. I have one of my grandparents' globes and - although it is no wear near as great and grand as yours - it has fun memories attached, even though many of the countries no longer exist.

And thanks for sharing more of your kidlets' cuteness. It always makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the things kids say!! :)

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