Friday, March 1, 2013

My Etsy is Updated!!

Sorry if any of you have tried clicking on my etsy link (it's over there, to the right, underneath my family members' pictures) and just seen that I have an account, but been unable to see anything that I sell. :)  I've been so busy lately that I haven't updated my etsy, so it went...dormant...for awhile.

I updated it a couple of nights ago, so now you can see what I have in my "shop" (a.k.a. my big white plastic bin in my bedroom), how much each card costs ($2.50 each), etc.

Some of the cards I've shown you on here aren't in the shop - it's either because I sold all of them (I have a lot of local business - not so much business on the etsy side of things) or because the materials to make more of them are in one of my canvas bags, waiting to be made.  I literally have five card projects going on at the same time right now.  Five canvas bags full of stuff.

Life's busy.

Speaking of cards, I made five of these puppies for my friend, Megs, today:
They took FORRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR.  But I'm very pleased with how they look.  So yeah, they're spoken for, but guess what's in another canvas bag?  The materials to make more of them.  And someday I'll get to them and put them on the ole' etsy, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I've been wondering when you'd get it back up and running! Etsy is hard to get your business booming on. You have to have TIME!! I'm totally in the same boat as you. I have none either:P

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhh!! Aaaaahhhh!! I LOVE the card, Kar!!:) Thanks so much for making them for me!!!

The A Team said...

I did not know you make cards! I make them too, but I have not ventured to Etsy yet. Looks good!

Mindy H. said...

I don't know how you have time to do everything that you do! The birthday cards look so cute...and so do your boy's haircuts!

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