Monday, April 1, 2013

I know it's not winter anymore, but...

My mom is one of my biggest "clients."  Haha!  And you know, you make what the client wants, right?  Mom likes to give my cards in packets to friends for their birthdays.  And she has decided that she wants to give them out in packets of four, each card representing a season.  So she asked me, toward the end of February, to make her some winter any-occasion cards and some spring any-occasion cards.  She already has a bunch of my summer and fall any-occasion cards.

I cannot believe the deal I got on those mosaic tiles.  They were on super-clearance.  It was, like, 99 cents for 30 of them.  Otherwise I would NOT have bought them.  They add a really nice touch, though, I think.

Boy, these cards gave me fits.  First of all, stamping on vellum is tricky.  You have to let the stamped image dry for about 24 hours before you can work with it, which I found out by accidentally smearing several of them.

And then I changed my mind about the color of the stamped image on a couple of them. So I had to carefully take them apart, re-stamp, wait 24 hours, then put them back together.  Phew.  But they're done.  And they're for sale in my etsy shop.

And here are my spring any-occasion cards:

I made them using a scrapbooking kit, which involved stickers.  And I have the hardest time taking them seriously, since the featured image is a series of assembled stickers and not a stamp.  It's weird of me, I know.  But when I saw that tulip paper, I had to have it.  So I kind of made do with what I had.

I actually have started ordering my metal-rimmed tags online.  I can't find any square or rectangular ones in town at all.  I can sometimes find circular ones. 

Anywho, these are also available to buy on my etsy.  And they're actually seasonally relevant. :)

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Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! SOOO cute!! I think you should teach classes on how to make cards and charge money for them!! You could totally make BANK!! :) hehe

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