Tuesday, May 28, 2013

He got his wish.

I haven't dyed my hair since....maybe the beginning of my marriage?  I definitely had to stop when I started having kids.  Having kids kind of decimates all money you might have had for fun things.  And you know, I really liked my hair color.  It wasn't mousy - it had lots of highlights and lowlights naturally, so I embraced my color and was really good with it.

I started getting some grey hairs a couple of years ago.  They've been slow in taking over, and they still are definitely in the minority, but there were some really prevalent grey hairs framing my face, and it was bugging me.  So I decided to finally start dyeing my hair.  Just to cover the greys. And I wanted to just buy some at the store.  I can't afford to have it done in a salon.

I told Ben of my decision, and he's like, "You should do something really crazy and different!  Like...you should totally go red!"

"Oh jeez, I don't know, Ben.  I haven't dyed my hair in a really long time...maybe I should kind of ease into it.  Do something really close to my normal hair color."

"Alright, whatever.  But I still think you'd make a hot redhead."

"Nah.  I'll go and pick out a color sometime next week - hold my hair up to it and match it to what my color already is.  I like my color.  I like being a brunette."

Ben went grocery shopping last Wednesday, and he brought this home as a surprise for me:
I was like, "Dude, that is REALLY red." 

"But it would look so goooood on you."

"I really don't think it will, since it's, like, HOT PINK."

I texted a pic of it to my sis, Lex, and she said that it was, like, Fifth Element red.  I chuckled. 

I freakin' love that movie.

But I don't like Lilu's hair color.

Despite Ben's pleadings, I went with him to return it this weekend.  The lady at Wal-Mart was like, "And the reason for the return??"

"Um, because I don't want to have hot pink hair," I said, glancing darkly at Ben.

She laughed.  And refunded our money.

So then I went to the hair color aisle, and after much holding out of my short hair against the colors on the box and the resulting crossed eyes/headache from doing that, I picked out a color as close to my own natural color as I could - Dark Golden Brown.  A perfect match.

Ben helped me to dye my hair yesterday (he's a funny man - he was REALLY EXCITED to help me).  After I rinsed it, styled it, etc., here was the result:

Um, apparently, I am a redhead now.
This is my "I forgot to put on lip gloss, so I look like a vampire, and I'm uncomfortable posing for the camera anyways, and I'm even more uncomfortable now, because I did not intend to be Lilu from Fifth Element" pose:
 Poor Gage is really sick.  He has an ear infection and pink eye.  Good times for him:
Anyways, I was soooo surprised that my hair turned out this way, obviously.  The box in no way, shape, or form indicated that I would have hot pink hair when I was done.  I was going to continue being a dark golden brown kind of a girl.  But I'm not that upset.  Hair dye doesn't last forever.  This I know.

And Ben is terribly happy with it.  Somehow, he always ends up getting his way.  It's the magic of being a youngest child, I guess. :)


Lyndsay said...

Well, you look great with that color, it's not quite hot pink, just a nice reddish brown! Although is there any chance Ben switched the dye in the box when you weren't looking?!

Patty said...

It's HOT!

Kyle and Shelly said...

hey... you know what they say about redheads right? That's the really reason Ben is so into it! ;)

Nyline said...

Super cute you are a hot redhead!

Kar said...

Wait...Shelly, what do they say about redheads???

Emily Zoe Hale said...

LOVE IT!!! I am a hair dying junkie.

Megan said...

LOVE it, Kar!! :) I LOVE red hair!! I really wish my hair was red. I should show you some pictures of me in college! I had like reddish purple hair! :) hehe

dhmoffat said...

Well Kar, I could tell you what they say about redheads, I am after all a redhead...but I took an oath not to tell our secrets! LOL I think that your hair looks wonderful! I wanted to go down the street to see you when I was visiting my parents last weekend. Maybe next time. =)

brooke said...

I love it! And redheads have the most fun!!

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