Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keeping Mum

Last fall, my parents, husband, and I went out to New York to visit my sister.  One day, we went to Palmyra and saw the temple.  Temple grounds are always so gorgeous, and these were no exception.  I was particularly smitten with the mums:
I resolved right then and there that I was going to put some mums in my garden for this fall.
 I got two red ones, called Red Rover (such a cool name.  I wish I got to be the one who names flowers):
And I got two golden ones, called Bedazzled Something-or-other:
My peonies have died back, so I gave them a haircut, and there's a blank spot where their leaves used to spread.  So I think I'm going to get a few more mums this weekend.  They should bloom clear through the end of October, which will be nice.

Here's what else is happening in my garden.

These bluebells have bloomed all summer long.  They are huge winners, because they keep on blooming, because they spread a little bit, because they are hardy, because they are perennials, and lastly and most importantly, because they are purple.

 Ugh, I cannot keep alyssum alive to save my life:
No matter what I do, they die every time I try to grow them.  I'm done with them.  In their place, I recently planted these decorative peppers, which will stay bright and productive through the end of October as well:

 Aren't they cool?  These ones are called Jokers, like joker hats:
Ben decided to eat a few of them.  He says the joker ones are mild and sweet, like regular sweet peppers, but that the purple ones are hoooooot.

My lobelia have done great this year:
 I planted some pansies in the backyard called Matrix.  Another cool name:
Micah got some seeds for his birthday at the end of May, and I'm telling you, I am a total seed-a-holic now.  They have done so well!  And they're cheap - only $1.50 per packet.  These are Micah's Morning Glories, grown from seed:
 They grow like vines.  It's been such a kick in the pants to watch these things crawl up my porch railing.
The blooms are as thin as tissue paper, and they only last one day.  They bloom and then the bloom dies that night.  Seems like kind of a waste - all that work for a bloom that lasts one day.  But luckily, we have from 3 to 13 blooms every single day on these.

Another thing frown from seed - these nasturtiums:
 I love their water-lily-like leaves, and the blooms are so bright and beautiful.

 These ones are my favorite:

 I had a bleeding heart and a patriot hosta die this spring, so I replaced them.
 I loooove hostas:
 Petunias are my go-to annual.  They never fail to live, thrive, and please:
 Micah got these sunflower seeds from his preschool teacher:
 And he got these sunflower seeds for his birthday, as well:
I'm telling you, seeds are the way to go.  In our soon-to-be house, there is a teeny little greenhouse-like window in front of the kitchen sink.  It pops out and has the greenhouse walls and ceiling.  I'm soooo going to start seeds in there in the spring and have them all ready for planting at the end of May.

I loooove verbena.  These annuals have bloomed wonderfully all summer long:
In fact, tonight we're expecting freezing temperatures, so I'm going to have to cover these guys with a blanket.  We have the weirdest weather - from 95 degrees to 60 degrees in 24 hours.  I was kind of looking forward to cooler weather, but it's stormy, windy, and nasty today - not what I had in mind. :)


Kathleen said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I wish I had that talent.

Anonymous said...

So PREEEEETTY!! I absolutely LOVE your garden!! you are just so amazing all the things you do and how you remember so many names to different plants!! I can't wait to see what you do with your new house!:)

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