Monday, January 27, 2014

There's pot in our bathroom drawer.

I noticed, when we first moved in, that there were some type of crumbs, or crushed up leaves or something, in a bathroom drawer that I had designated for Ben.  I took the left-handed drawers and gave him the right-handed drawers.  I had forgotten to wipe out bathroom drawers before we moved in.  I hit the kitchen cabinets and drawers, but forgot the bathrooms.

Anywho, Ben finally got around to putting his stuff in his drawers the other night. 

"Hey, Benny, you may have to vacuum those drawers out before you put stuff in them," I said.  "That top one has, like, a crushed up leaf in it or something."

Ben opened said drawer and leaned over, examining it.  A slow smile spread across his face.  "Oh, this isn't a crushed up leaf, Kar.  This is pot."

I gasped and ran over.  "Are you serious????  I've never seen pot before!"  I leaned over and took a good look.  "It looks like crushed oregano."

We've had a few people tell us that the last owners of the house really didn't take good care of it.  "What a shame," we thought.

And now I know why they were kind of...laissez faire...toward house care.

They were stoners.

People who often smoke pot are not really known for a get-up-and-go mentality, amIright?

And no, Ben didn't vacuum out his drawer yet.  He just put his gosh danged q-tips and toothpaste in there on top of the pot crumbs.  I guess I'll add vacuuming up pot to my to-do list. 

Just as soon as I put away the Christmas tree.  Yep, it's still up.

But it's not because I do pot.  It's because I've spent about 13 hours a week painting the interior of my old house.  And then doing the regular cooking, cleaning, and child care at my new house.  Plus a very hyper new dog.  Plus I had my janitorial job all last week to do.  I've been just a teensy bit busy.


Mindy H. said...

Nice! Maybe Ben didn't vacuum out the drawer on the off chance that someone in your family develops glaucoma? Waste not, want not, right? ;-)

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