Monday, February 3, 2014

Student of the Week

This crazy kid is student of the week in his class this week.  We filled in a little poster thing about him to display in his classroom all week, and on Friday he gets to do Show and Tell.  I'm really hoping he doesn't choose to show his My Little Pony collection.  That will just open him up to a world of teasing. :)

Here's his poster:
I thought I'd tell you what his answers were to some of the questions.  I thought they were funny.

I like me because... I am happy and I play with friends.  I like me because I like my brother and sister. (I kept trying to rephrase the question - "What are you good at?"  "What do you like about your personality?"  But he didn't get it and kept repeating that he is happy and likes to play with friends and with his sister.  Ben finally had me add, "I like me because I'm good at drawing and because I have a good imagination.")

How I would make the world a better place:  I would make Jesus come.  I know Jesus.  Everybody knows Jesus.  I would tell everybody to be happy.  I would tell my family to be happy.

My Hobbies:  I like to play cars with my best friend at school, Trayson.  I like to play with all my friends.  I like to play outside.  I pretend my trampoline is up.  (Note - he hasn't ever had Trayson over.  Perhaps they allow the kids to play with cars in Kindergarten?)

One Wish:  I wish the world would be better.

Favorite Book:  Cars

Favorite Movie:  Cars

Favorite TV Show:  Total Drama Island (We can thank his dear big brother for that.)

Favorite Food:  Noodles

Favorite Color:  Lellow.  (I love how he says yellow.)

Favorite Season:  Winter and Summer.

Since this post is all about Mikey, I thought I'd write down some funny stuff he's said to me over the past few weeks. 

We were eating Cashew Pork and Pea Pods for dinner (one of my favorite dinners of all time), and Micah said, "Um, I just want grace."

"You want grace?"

"Yeah, just the white stuff.  Not the stuff with nuts and green stuff."

"Oh, riiiice.  You just want riiiiice...."

My mom came over to baby-sit one day, and Micah was so excited to see her.  He yelled, "Gwamma!  Us so happy to meet you!"  (Note - I love how he starts sentences with "us" instead of "we."  I don't ever correct him, though I should.  It's just so cuuuute.)

Mikey hit Gage the other day, and I sat him down on his bed in time out.  "Why would you hit your brother, Mike?" I asked.

"I thought he was a spider."

Have I ever told you the language Micah uses when he prays?  I don't think so.  He says the funniest things.  When he's asking Heavenly Father for blessings for our family or whatever, he says, "And Hope Sure we get along, and Hope Sure we do good in school..."  Hope Sure.

He also says "Our Chuthers"  instead of "each other" in prayers.  "And Hope Sure we can get along with Our Chuthers and help Our Chuthers."  I love that.

As far as how our little dramatic Mikey is doing, he seems to be doing really well at his new school.  He saves the drama for his mama.  Literally.  He holds in all of his angst and naughtiness until he comes home, and then watch out.  It's difficult.  I asked the school counselor if she could test him to see if he has some kind of mood disorder or something, because in my heart of hearts, I think that's what he's struggling with.  But where it's not affecting his school work or his relationships at school, she can't do that.  We'd have to go to a child psychologist and pay $400 to do it.  So for now we're just going to take a "hopeful watch and wait stance."  (What movie??)  There are many, many times a day that I think to myself, "He is single-handedly destroying our family."  He's happy maybe 1% of the time, and I'm not even kidding about that.  The rest of the time, he's mad, he's yelling, he's hurting someone.  It's difficult.  I thought it was so funny that he kept saying that he was happy and that he wanted everyone to be happy.  Because really, he's not that...magnanimous.

We have small moments of bliss, like the cute times listed up above.  I love him with all my heart and soul and want him to be happy.  We just...have to figure out how to do that.  For now, I snuggle with him a lot, I read with him a lot, I play games with him a lot, and I take him places with me, not only because it makes him feel special, but because then it separates him from the other kids and there can be some peace at home.  We'll figure this out.  All I know to do right now is to love him.


Mindy H. said...

He is so stinkin' cute! I hope someone can figure out what is causing him to be not-as-happy-as-he-thinks-he-is.

Megan said...

I absolutely LOVE Micah!! He's still my favorite! :) It's really hard when one kid is destroying the family and you don't know what to do about it. That's where we're at with Brynnan. I realy think we need him to see a child psych counselor or something... I don't know, but I also think Mark and I are causing the problems too... anyway, sorry, that was a Tangent! lol

I LOVE the Micah-ism where he said he hit Gage because he thought he was a spider! I laughed out loud at that and Mark was like, what are you doing?! lol

It's hard being a mom to kids with problems, but it is so great that you cuddle with him, read with him and take him with you places. You're a good Mom! :)

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