Monday, February 10, 2014

Hell has frozen over - I have a tutorial for you.

Alright, some more cards.  This was the card I made for Benny Bones for our anniversary:
He approved.  He liked the swirls and that I used black.  A manly card, I believe he called it.  (With a lilac purple on it and a heart???  Haha!  I love him.)

My sister, Beads, asked me to make baby shower invitations, and here is one of them:
I love those little flower stickers I found for the front.

I really, really am a fan of how these ones turned out - they were for my stepfather-in-law and stepbrother-in-law:
My cute friend Kathleen always gives me a challenge in my cardmaking.  Her nephew just signed on with a major modeling agency, and she wanted to send him a congratulatory card, but not just any congratulatory card.  A male modeling congratulatory card.  It took some thinking and a little bit of downloading from the silhouette shop, but I figured it out, and it turned out really fun:
It was actually a paper doll!  He had several winter outfits for me to choose from.  I liked this one.  Nice and laid-back. :)

And this is one I made for Ben for Valentine's Day:
My friend, Megs, has a craft blog, and she just got a cool webcam thing, so she asked me to do a video tutorial on how to make a card.  So if you want to see me design and make this bad boy, go here.  Megs' husband said that she and I were funny on the video, our interaction and all.  We laugh a lot when we're together.  She's just the best.  I used a sponging technique around the white squares - my friend Jen's signature in her cards.  I loooooove Jen's cards.  They're some of the most gorgeous ones in my card exchange group, and I firmly believe it's because she's so skilled at sponging.  Sponging creates a lot of interest and depth in a card.

I have a sad postscript to this tale, though.  Ben caught a glimpse of his Valentine's Day card, and he was like, "Pink??"

I was like, "Um, it's Valentine's Day.  Pink! Red! White!"

"But I'm a man, Kar.  This isn't very manly."

"So do you want me to, like, save one of Gage's Kung Fu Panda valentines for you??"

"Nooooo, I want a homemade one for you that I can put on my bulletin board in my cubicle."

"And people will give you crap if the card is pink."


Soooo it's back to the drawing board, but I inherited some paper from Megs a couple of weeks ago, and it is quite manly, but still Valentine-ey.  I just have to find the time to make it. :)  That, my friends, is the trick.


Megan said...

I LOVE all your cards!! They're always so gorgeous! I think Ben needs to grow a pair! haha! I put pink on Marks card and he had no problem with it! He loved it and was very grateful that I made him a card in the first place! :) And Mark doesn't think that pink is ok for a guy to wear or anything like that either. He doesn't like pink, but if it's on a love card I think he realizes that it's ok for it not to be so manly. haha. Thanks for doing the tutorial for me!! You're awesome!

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