Thursday, February 6, 2014

My mom's random songs - a treasure trove.

My new calling in my new ward is Activity Days.  And boy, was I relieved that the Bishop didn't ask me to be in nursery.  Whew. 

I was a little nervous, because my area of expertise is usually with the youth, but I'm starting to get a feel for it.  And you know why?  These girls are wild, just like little boys.  And you know, since I have three little boys, I was like, Oh!  Okay.  Clicking into Boy Mode.

I don't know if my sisters and I were the exception, but...we didn't run around tackling each other.  Or tickling each other.  Or jumping on each other.  Or running around screaming and yelling. books.  Occasionally spanked each others' bumbs while the person was in front of us on the stairs.  Had the occasional food fight.  But we were really pretty docile.

But these  They're cute as heck, but I really thought I'd be dealing with a different dynamic. 

At my first activity, there was some down time where the girls drew names out of a bowl for Secret Sisters, and during that time, they just ran wild throughout the house where we were meeting.  I was just kind of watching and getting my sea legs.

Yesterday, there was again some down time while two of the leaders were deciding how to deliver these sugar cookies we had made to some ward members - should we caravan?  Should we split up?  Who has how many spots in their car? 

And I was watching them basically play a wild game of tackle football in the living room.

And my 8th-grade-teacher-EFY-counselor gene kicked in.

"Who wants to learn a ca-razy song???" I yelled.

Teenagers would have given me The Look.  But these girls immediately all jumped up and down, yelling, "Me!  Me!  Me!"  Like popcorn. 

So I taught them this really weird campfire song my mom taught me when I was little.  It has all of these nonsense words, and you repeat what the leader is repeating, and it's silly and funny.  I remember how hard I worked to memorize the song, because when I was a kid, I thought it was so cool.
And so did these girls!  They asked me to keep singing it with them until they got it.  So we sang while the two leaders decided the logistics of cookie delivery and while another one videotaped me on her phone (which will be embarrassing if she posts it on facebook, because I looked freakin' AWESOME yesterday.  Three huge boils on my face, no makeup, hair pulled back, muffin top hanging over my jeans...).

My sisters and I have always good-naturedly teased my mom about her knowledge of these random campfire songs...and just random songs in general...but DANG.  I can see where these are going to come in handy.

I texted my mom when I got home and said, "I am going to need your book of campfire songs STAT."


Mindy H. said...

Nice save! Thank goodness for moms. They come in handy in so many ways.

And good luck with the girls. I'm sure you are all going to have a great time. It sounds like they are going to love your guts!

Brooke Stephens said...

I think that was one of my favorite will love it!! Plus I am sure Sadie loves that alone time with you!

Megan said...

I'm so glad you're getting the hang of it. I know this post is old so you've been doing it for a while now and it sounds like you're having a lot of fun with it! I'm so glad!! I'm glad your mom's campfire song came in handy that day! You are so good with kids! :) I don't know why you think you aren't. hehe

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