Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dylie Lately

Dylan and I are in a good place. It wasn't like that for many years, when he had ADHD and I was in denial about it. Now that he's on a good medication, things have been running pretty smoothly. And I really love spending time with him.

Well, I should say that, in MY opinion, he's on a good medication. His teacher doesn't agree. We recently changed medications because she said his wasn't working at all. I felt like it was, when I was with him on weekends and after school, but she didn't. So we changed to a long-acting medication, hoping that would help. Apparently, no. I'm still of the opinion that the medicine is working great, when I'm with him on weekends and after school. Yes, it wears off around 7 p.m., but that's normal. During the day, he's gold.

Not according to Ms. C. But I'm starting to wonder if anything is good enough for her... Like, if he's not perfectly still and quiet all day, there's something really wrong with him, in her opinion. I don't know.

When we run out of clean jammies for him to wear, he's fond of wearing my workout clothes, which drown him, of course. He's figured out a system where he can loop the waist band up and over his head so that the shorts stay on. With my scarf as an added little belt. Such ingenuity:

Yep, he got a mohawk again. Do I like it? No. But he adores it. So I let him have it. It's not hurting anything. Except for maybe my eyes. :)

Dyl is all about computer games and Wii games.

This picture was taken last fall, when he thought there was a wasp inside the house (there wasn't):

His friend, Jackson, comes over almost every day to play Wii with Dylie. They're Wii buddies.

Dylan is the only one of my kids with any kind of attachment to stuffed animals. Jackson gave him a little stuffed bird, and Dyl looooves it. He had the bird play Wii with he and Jackson one day. The bird was Player Number 4:

Dyl is a bit of a worry wart. It's intensified since his daddy's been gone. He's convinced that some bad guy out there is going to somehow get into our house and murder him. I know, it's pretty intense. One night, we were all in the living room, and Dylie wanted some water. But he was too scared to go into the kitchen and get some. I asked why on earth not. He said it was because someone was certainly looking in the kitchen window and was going to break in and kill him.

Most nights, he'll do his nightly assigned reading in his room, no prob:

But every now and then, he'll be too scared to be in his room alone. He says someone is going to break his window and kill him. Last night, he read in the dining room, on the other side of the wall from us, so that he could still feel us close by, but not be distracted by the TV.

This may be bad of me, but I told him a little white lie the other night when he was having a tough time going to sleep. I said, "You know, you have nothing to fear. Only people who are drug dealers get murdered. Are you a drug dealer??"

"NO! Of course not!"

"Well, then you have nothing to worry about! You won't get murdered!"

I know. Bad of me. But I was desperate, yo. I wanted to go to bed. And it really seemed to help him.

Last night, I was vacuuming and shorted our living room fuse or whatever you call it. I had to go outside and flip the breaker switch. Dylan was freaking out. "Mom, are you okay out there? Are you alone? Are you scared? What if someone murders you???"

Apparently, my kids don't deal well with change.

Dylan's imitation of Yoda:

And of Sleeping Beauty, when she has to wear her cloak when she finds out she's really a princess and has to return to the castle and is really sad:

He is so, so, so funny and sweet and cute. I love him.


megan said...

Great post! I love the pictures! I hope you don't mind that I'm kind of took your idea of doing a post about each of the kids. I love reading about your kids!:)

brooke said...

I love this one!!! Except..if you feel the meds were shouldn't have changed long as they are working for seems like no matter how hard you try some teachers you just can't please! I love his blanket!!

Ben said...

I just love that son of mine. I am so proud of him. He is so flipp'n smart it's scary. I guess that's what you get when a whole smart and a half smart get together. they get a smart and a half kid. I'll let you decide who is who;)

Ben said...

Oh and Megs a plagiarist!lol

Mindy H. said...

What a cute guy! I can relate to the whole irrational childhood fears thing. I was always terrifed of people breaking in, or of the house burning down. I have gotten a bit better, but my brain still seems to always be set on "worst case scenario mode. Having a mom who gives him a really good reason not to worry helps a lot.

Emily Empey said...

Aw Dylan! haha Ben's comment makes me laugh hard!

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