Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Punkin Patch

So yeah, I'm trying to catch up on blogging. Things have just been sooo crazy in the three months since we've been home, so I've been a blogging slacker. I'm trying to be better. These pics are clear back from October, dude. But I need to include them, because I've been slowly printing out my blog as our family photo album/my journal.

My friend, Megs, and I wanted to go to the pumpkin patch that's near my house. I had heard that they had some fun things for kiddos there, and they did. They had a little train ride around the patch - the kids loved it:
That's Megs's son Brynnan on the right:
At the little "train station" after their ride:
This was back when Micah let us do his hair cute:

Now he wears Dylan's green jammie shirt on his head, as his "hair":

Yep, he's back to doing that. I think it's because Ben is in China. Micah started doing it the very day Ben left last week. The poor kid. I don't think he deals well with change.

You may wonder what he's doing in that pic. He's using a piece from Sadie's Littlest Pet Shop collection - it's two carrots - to pretend he has one extra-long tooth.

Back to the punkin patch. Meggie's husband, Mark, in a contemplative mood:

And little Meggie:

They also had a hay bale maze for the kids. They loved that, too. I think they went through it about ten times or so, over and over and over:

Meggie's son, Jonas:

Unfortunately, the pumpkins at the patch were wayyyy too rich for our blood. We all decided to head over to the Scoresby Farm stand to buy 'em. They're just as cheap as Wal-Mart's pumpkins, but easier to carve. I find that Wal-Mart usually only has that kind of pumpkin with spaghetti innards - way too hard to carve.

So, um, basically, we just used the pumpkin patch for its free entertainment - sorry, Pumpkin Patch Guys.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! We had a lot of fun. I love how you called me "little Meggie"! lol I might be short but there's nothing little about me!!

Emily Empey said...

haha nice! sounds like fun!

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