Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glass Pie Plates - A Cautionary Tale

Dude. Thanksgiving.

Kay, so I was in charge of bringing pies and homemade rolls to my parents' house. I chose to make one pumpkin pie and one pecan pie. And they were gorgeous. I had seen, in a magazine, a pecan pie where there were pecan halves lining the edge of the pie - a nice touch. So I tried it, and it looked awesome.

When they were cooled and it was just about time to leave, I carefully opened the front door, put a pie in each hand, and stepped outside. Then, as I went down the one step to the front walk, my ankle rolled over. It was soooooooo fast. One second, I was walking with one pie in each hand, and the next second, I was on the front walk, glass pie plates shattered, mooshy pie all over the place, blood dripping off my hands.

You see, when I fell, my hands and the pie plates hit the sidewalk at the same time, so I got some pretty nasty cuts. And I had a nice-looking gash on my knee. (How do your jeans not rip, but you get a bloody gash on your knee? Weird.)

So yeah, I was in pain, but when I started sobbing, it wasn't because of the pain. It was because of my gorgeous pies - all my hard work - just mooshed up on my front sidewalk. I cried and cried and cried. Ben hadn't seen or heard what happened - he was toward the other end of the house, getting the kids ready. I felt stupid for sitting on the front sidewalk, crying by myself, so I decided I should probably clean up my wounds and bandage them up.

So I walked in, sobbing, limping, dripping with blood, and Ben was like, "What the H???" He hugged me and told me it would be alright, and while I cleaned myself up, he used a broom to kind of sweep up/continue mooshing the pie all around.

We went to Albertson's on the way to my parents' house and picked up a couple of crappy pies - I hate store-bought pies. When Ben brought them into the car and had me hold them on my lap, I burst into tears again. :) Food is an emotional thing for me.

I drop soooooo many glass things every year. My dishwasher was making a really bizarre noise recently, so Ben checked into it while he was here - it turns out that a piece of something glass that had shattered recently (I don't even remember what it was that broke - that's how often things break here) bounced up through this little space at the bottom of the washer, getting caught up in there and jamming up the motor.

Just in the past year, I've broken several drinking glasses and two light fixture thingeys. It's an issue. I'm a dropper. ("She's one of those droppers!") So no more glass for me. I've started buying plastic glasses to replace the many glass ones that I've shattered lately. :)


megan said...

I am the same way!! We have been using plastic cups for about the last 7 years. I'm very glad for it!! I'm a dropper too.

Lyndsay said...

Ha ha! Just today my little 6 year old broke a glass in the dishwasher (yes, it's usually me as well that breaks things - one time I broke a set of nesting glass dishes in the kitchen - like 5 big glass bowls, that was a nightmare to clean up). Secretly, I hate those glasses. Just 5 more to go and I can get new ones!! Ha ha ha ha!

Emily Empey said...

ohhh sad! i would have bawled too!! I am sorry! Your pies are beautiful! ;)

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