Sunday, April 29, 2012


My family has a tradition where we set out luminaires on Christmas Eve.  Nat, being Super Woman, sets hers out at her house first, then comes to my parents' house and helps to set out theirs.  I, being Non-Super Woman, just do the luminaires at my mom's house and call it good. :)

I loooove this picture - Dylan and Jake have identical coats:
 Troy, the Boy with No Lips, apparently:
 Micah, doing his best Troy Impersonation, including similar coat and Disappearing Lips action:
 Dylan, looking intellectual:
 Isn't this the cutest picture of Ivy?:
 Oh, poor Jake, with his eight-year-old teeth:
I don't care who ya are; when you're eight, you are just going to have crazy-looking teeth.  My poor Dylan is going to be like his mom - Braces Central.  Hopefully he won't have to have them three times, but you just never know.

Nat, Mom, and Gage:
I've been coveting that coat of Nat's for years.  Nat, whenever you pass away (hopefully in 70 years or so), can you will me your coat?  Thanks.  Although it may not fit me - "Fat guy in a little coat!  Fat guy in a little coat!"  What movie??

Could Gage be any cuter?  Nope:
 A close up of Sadie's hands holding a luminaire:


spoonTRex said...

TOMMY BOY!!! (Ok, I had help from Mark, but I knew I'd heard that line before, I just couldn't remember what movie! It's been a LOOONNNGGG time since I've watched that one!!)

That's a cool tradition. I don't think I would ever do it though. Too much work on a busy holiday eve!:) Cute pictures!

brooke said...

What the heck is a luminary?? and I missed you seeing you at church! You might have been there...but I might not have seen ya!

Emily Empey said...

how fun! And Gage is seriously PRICELESS!

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