Monday, April 23, 2012

The Nag

Ohhh that Sadie Girl of mine.  She is quite the little battle-axe.  When she wants to do something, she will NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT UNTIL YOU DO IT.  She was ready to put up Christmas stuff, like, the day after Thanksgiving.  I, being the Grinchey-type girl I am, kept groaning and putting her off, but I could only stall it a few days.  She forced my hand.
 The kids decorated it themselves again this year, which means, of course, that it ended up looking like this:
 We go through this every year.  And this is how I feel about it every year:
But you gotta let some things go.  The kids were proud of it.  So it sat like that for a few weeks.  Until Ben couldn't stand it anymore and prettied it up. :)


megan said...

LOL Mark is the same way about Christmas decor. We always do it the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's a big deal in our house!:) I love that picture of you:) hehe

Gloria said...

If I had little kids at home, I would probably let them decorate the tree too. It's a chore but finally worth it. Thanks for sharing.

Nat said...

I've let my kids do it with me. It gets done faster, and it starts out looking the same way it ends up looking anyway, with 10 ornaments on one bough. We do it the first Monday after Thanksgiving for FHE.

I figure as they get older, they will get a sense of spreading stuff out more. And they'll get taller and be able to reach the higher limbs better.

The first year I cared, a lot, but I've been fine with it ever since.

Nat said...

But maybe I'm fine with it, because I'm not artsy like you and Ben are, where you both make really beautiful things.

Patty said...

I love that picture of you!
Your hair looks super shiny, your skin tone is deep and tan looking, and your eyebrows are (as always) perfect.

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