Thursday, May 17, 2012

Christmas Morning, or, Toys My Kids Haven't Touched in Four Months.

I'm actually glad Micah doesn't play with this - it's REALLY loud:
Sadie doodled on her Doodle Bear for about five minutes, and that was ittttttttt:
Good thing I went to every store in the city looking for it.  Finally, in desperation, I bought one online for $10 more than I would have bought it at a store here.  Good thing.

Dylan's Mind Flex.  Only played with it that day, I believe. Now it sits in his closet.

One of the things Santa got me - an adorable flower ring:
And Santa got this painting specially matted and framed.  Did I ever tell you about this painting?  I feel like maybe I did.  It's a finger painting that Ben bought at the Silk Market in Beijing.  The entire thing is done with the artist's fingers:
A Club Penguin membership, which Dylan has since moved on from:

He is now into Free Realms.  Good thing we got him that membership. Good thing.

I looooove this picture, with Micah's little green mouth, undoubtedly from eating some stocking candy.  ("Undoubtedly" is one of Dylan's spelling words this week, F.Y.I.  It feels like he just learned to read yesterday.  And now he's spelling "undoubtedly"!?!?):
 Ohhhhhh, I am so covetous of these hoodies that Sadie got from her Grandma Brenda:

Every time she puts one on, I look longingly at it.  They are sooo fuzzy.  And soooo cute.  And so warm.  I've gots to find me an adult version of one of those.  Or several.

Ben got me some cute clothes.  He's got such good taste.  This sweater is so dang cute, but my arms are too fat for it:
I still wear it.  I just...kind of stuff my arms into the sleeves.  They look like stuffed sausages.  It's weird - usually, my arms aren't my problem area. 

My folks got Ben some golf balls:
Maybe someday he'll be here during a summer to use 'em. :)

Love this picture:
That is so me - the multitasker.

Have I ever told you how much I love this little man?
I love how he smells.  Just his natural smell.  Today, while Sadie read to me for her homework, I just sat and snuggled him and smelled his hair.  Stop growing, Gage.  Stay right at this age and size, mmmkay?


megan said...

That's annoying that they don't play with those toys and things anymore! I would probably make my kids since you went to so much trouble to get them!! My kids are the same way!! Although, Brynnan and Tinian are very material kids so they still play with a lot of the toys, they still have days where they don't. It's annoying!

Emily Empey said...

I always played with my christmas toys forever! haha - Oh an Gagey needs to quit growing! I love how he smells too!

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