Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Glo's and Greg's Visit

Ben's mom, Gloria, and stepdad, Greg, came down to visite-nous after Christmas.  We exchanged belated gifts, which was fun.

We had gotten Glo some pearls at the pearl market in Beijing:
Glo gave Gage some Cars Squinkies:
They gave us some silver coins:
 And me a very cozy and cute shirt:
 Sadie got these thingeys where you make your own bracelet:
 And they gave Dylie a lego set, which he immediately put together (it took him about five seconds):
 Micah and Sadie so seldom play well together that I'm sure Ben wanted to document it:
 And we got Greg a book he'd been wanting:
We love when they come to visite-nous.  In fact, we are going to visite-ils in one month!  Road trip to Chelan!  Ben is going to rendezvous there with us, flying from Beijing to Seattle and then renting a car to drive there.  His sweet, fun aunt, Myrna, and I are going to tackle the 12-hour drive up to Chelan by ourselves.  Yikes. Bikes.  But Chelan in the summer is heaven.  There's a gorgeous lake, surrounded by rolling hills of apple orchards - it's gorgeous.  And really fun.  And the best part of all will be seeing the in-laws and the Benner.


megan said...

I love it when parents come to visit. That's nice that they came soon after Christmas!:)

Mindy H. said...

How fun! Belated gifts are the best, and it looks like everyone ended up with something great.

Good luck on the marathon drive. I'm sure you will make a bunch of fun mother-kidlet memories. And seeing Ben will be the icing on the vacation cake!

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