Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Similes

The other day, the kids and I were in the car, and I made some self-deprecating remark about my weight.  (I'm self-deprecating.  It's my shtick.)

Dylan said, "Nonono, Mom.  You are not chubby.  You are as skinny as...a breadstick."

Sadie had to one-up him, so she said, "No, you're like a carrot."

Dylan didn't agree.  "Carrots are fatter at the top, Sadie.  So she's not like a carrot."

"No they're not.  They're skinny all the way from the bottom to the top."

"No they're not!  They get a little bit bigger on the top!"

And on and on.  I thanked them for the compliments but asked them not to ruin the compliments by getting into a fight about them.


megan said...

That's so sweet!!:)

Patty said...

I'd rather eat breadsticks than carrots.

Either way.
You're skinny.

Emily Empey said...


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