Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Product Prelect

I went in to get my hair cut today (which is my favorite thing to do.  I love having shorter hair, because it gives me the excuse to go in every six weeks for some pampering).  My hairdresser is a girl I grew up with named Elise.  It's so much fun to reminisce about doing backbends and jumping on the tramp together.  Today we were talking about who had the coolest bangs in elementary school.  My bangs never, ever looked right.  Elise's were always perfect.  She swears it was because she used Aqua Net.  That stuff is like glue. :)

Anywho, as I was paying her, she said, "Do you need any product?" 

I laughed and said, "Oh jeez.  That stuff is wayyy too rich for my blood.  I'm a Suave girl, unfortunately."

She stared at me, mouth agape, eyes wide open.  "Shut up.  You did not just say that to me."

I giggled and looked at the floor.  "It's just one of the things that has to go when you're poor."

"But there's so much wax in Suave!  It's just wax!  Your hair must have so much buildup on it!  How can you even stand the thought of that???"

"'s either buy milk for my family, or buy nice hair product.  I choose milk."

She shook her head and took me into the back room.  She opened up a cupboard stuffed full of samples of shampoo, conditioner, clarifying shampoo, etc.  She shoved an armful at me.  "Kay.  Use the clarifying shampoo first.  And after you rinse it out, then use normal shampoo and conditioner.  You will totally notice a difference."

Oh, I know I will.  But will noticing a difference in my hair make $30 magically appear in my pocket to buy said product?  Nope. 

When I eventually get too many grey hairs on my head  (I have a few now, which aren't too noticable yet) and have to color my hair, in all likelihood, I'm going to just have to buy the cheap store brand and do it myself.  And it won't look as good as it would if Elise colored it professionally.  That's just the biz when you get married, push your hubs through school, quit your job to be at home, and have four kids.  Lots of things go down the tubes.  I do my own pedicures.  (And they look horrible.  Ask anyone.) I buy Suave.  (Although I'm considering switching to Dove, just because I like their commercials about how they use some of the money they earn toward self-esteem-building workshops for young girls.  I like that.)   I buy Cover Girl makeup instead of Clinique.  That's just the way it is.  Maybe someday I'll be able to pamper myself a bit more, but for now, I'd rather be able to buy bread and fresh fruit for my kiddos.


brooke said...

Yeah...I know how ya feel...although I love Pantene and I switch back and forth between that and Head and Shoulders. I love being pampered too...however the small sacrifices you make for your family are so worth more than any dollar amount of shampoo. I would have given anything to have my mom be able to stay home and be with us kids...but she had to work.. just think of all those fun and fantastic memories you are building for your children. You are their hero, don't let anyone tell you any different! :-)

Lyndsay said...

I have switched to Dove (yes, from Suave) and have noticed a difference - I wait for Costco to have their big bottles of Dove shampoo and conditioner on sale and then I stock up. I also buy the Dove shampoo/conditioner with coupons (that our WalMart will double). Makes it just about the same as Suave. My good friend is a stylist and she will buy me the "good" stuff at her discount (half off), so I splurged and bought some last year, yes it was nice, but even at half off that was still 3x as much as the Dove on sale, so I had to not buy it again, I hear ya.

megan said...

I'm poor too so I know what you mean! The shampoo might make a difference, but it's totally not worth it! I use Herbal Essence and that's good enough for me:)

Mindy H. said...

I feel your pain.

My institute teacher likes to say, "Having money can be one of the most difficult trials that a person can experience...but it is a trial I would sure like to try." And I agree with him. I think those of us who have never had *money* would do great things with it... all while sporting the most beautiful, wax-free hair.

Norlund Clan said...

I feel you. I started using the suave professional, and love it. It is only a little more money.

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