Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh the Drama

Sadie turned seven today!  I can't believe how old my kids are getting.  She started the day feeling really sick - my boys have had what Micah calls "diaries in my bumb" off and on this week, along with the barfies.  I sincerely hoped it had skipped Sadie, but dang it, she was feeling pretty crummy this morning.

She rested most of the day and perked up considerably this afternoon when she got one of her presents in the mail:
The highly-coveted Rainbow Dash plushie.  We had to order that puppy from Amazon.

We had a little party for her tonight.  My dear friend Megs and her family, plus my parents, came.

Sadie opened many My Little Pony-related gifts:
Along with some other really great presents:

Then it was cake time.  My Favorite Neighbor Ever, Casady, made Sade's cake for her - My Little Pony-themed, of course.  The cake required some My Little Pony toys to be perched on the top. So Sades and I went to the store yesterday and got this collection with her birthday money from her Grandma Go-Go:

Let me tell ya, it was hard for her to hand that collection over to Casady for a couple of days.  As soon as Casady brought the cake over tonight, Sadie went, "Cool cake!" and snatched those ponies right off the top and started playing with them.  I had to beg her to put them back so I could take a picture of her cake:
Sorry.  Kind of smeary.  I was in a hurry to get the picture before she stole the ponies off the top again.  Casady does such good work.  Thanks, Cas!!!

Jonas and Brynnan asked to be on candle-arranging duty:
And Dylan asked to be on candle-lighting duty.  Unfortunately, when he went to blow out the match, he blew out all the candles as well.  We all burst out laughing.  So Dyl lit them again, only to make the same mistake the second time - blowing out all the candles as well as the match.  So of course, we laughed again.  This is where the drama came in.  I think maybe Sadie thought we were laughing at her??  Or that it was taking too long to light the candles?  I honestly don't know.  Her moodiness mystifies me.  She just got so pissed:

And then proceeded to cry, shout, "YOU'RE RUINING MY BIRTHDAY!!" at everyone, and run sobbing to her room.
I dragged her back so we could sing "Happy Birthday," and now we forever have these absolutely darling photos of Sadie on her seventh birthday, crying while people sing Happy Birthday to her.
I honestly have no patience for these kinds of histrionics, so I just ignored her and started working on the dishing out of cake and ice cream.  My dad calmed her down by making sure she had a Capri Sun to drink and the "S" part of the cake to eat.  And then she was good as gold.

Oh the mercuriality of her.

Dad also got her to consent to him pulling her remaining top tooth.  It was dangling by some kind of fleshy thread for days.  I couldn't get that thread to break, but my dad is the Tooth Whisperer.  He pulled all of our teeth when we were kids.  He was able to get that tooth outta there.  He told me that you actually have to pinch at the top of the tooth to detach those pesky threads, as opposed to pulling down from the bottom of the tooth.  Good to know.  It looks much better now:
Note to self:  Remember to do the tooth fairy thing tonight, Kar.  DON'T FORGET.

So yeah.  Little girls are...interesting.  Quite honestly, I feel badly for my parents that they had FOUR girls and no boys.  Non-stop drama for years and years.  Sometimes I'm glad I just have one girl.  I can only handle so much turmoil.

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Aprillium said...

Amen about being thankful for one girl!!! Missy isn't quite so moody (I think her brothers are kinda squishing it outta her...) waaaaay cute cake!!!

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