Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Bathroom Ritual

Gage does this thing when I'm doing my hair in the bathroom every day.  Well, let's be honest.  I don't get a chance to do my hair every day.... so, um, like, once a week when I do my hair.

He comes in, shuts the door, then pounds on it until I open it.  Yes, he knows how to open doors.  He just thinks it's really funny to pound the heck out of that poor door until I open the dang thing.
Then he goes out into the hall, shuts the door again from the outside, and then pounds on the outside until I open it to let him in.
Then he starts the whole process over again.  And he does it over and over and over for the half an hour or so that it takes to do my hair.  (Which is why I hardly ever do my hair.  Half an hour???  Such an effort...)

I once told you guys that my hair is like a haystack until I straighten it.  Case in point:
This is right after I blowdry it.  Haystack, amIright?  I have a whooooole lotta hair.


megan said...

OOooohhh Kar, you ain't seen nothin til you've seen my hair after it's blown dry!! UGH!! Also, if I let it air dry. YUCK! I HATE thick hair!!

Don't you love the fun games our kids come up with?:)

Aprillium said...

At least with thick hair you have the option to thin it out. My poor MIL has really thin hair... not much you can do with that.

You hair is normal Kar, everyone's hair looks a lot like that right after a blow job.... errrr... CRAP! Blow dry!!!


Kar said...


Emily Empey said...

Hahaha! That comment from April made me
Laugh so hard!! Anyway my hair is the same way!

Patty said...

1. I always loved that bathroom. It's so artsy.
2. It is "case IN point?" Not "case AND point?"

Aye yi yi.

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