Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pirate Squash

My mom is the Cub Scout Bear leader in her ward, and Dylan is a bear in scouting, so often, she invites him along to the activities her den is doing so that he can sign off requirements in his bear book.  She is seriously a doll for helping us with this.  She is the sole reason Dylan was able to pass off the Wolf level.

I was having theeeeeeeeeeeee hardest day today.  When I dropped Dylan off at my mom's so he could do an activity with her den for an hour, here was this little dude on the counter, smiling at me:

A squash.  With a pirate costume on.  I laughed and laughed and asked what on earth a pirate squash was doing on Mom's counter.  I thought for sure it was something for scouts or church or something.

And you know what?  It's not!  My mom has had so much squash in her garden this year, and she feels badly bugging people in order to give some of it away, right?  So she felt that, if she dressed the squash up a bit, people would be happier about getting squash from her.  Haha! 

My mom is so stinkin' cute.  I don't know one other person who would dress a squash as a pirate.  Not one.  This is one of the thousands of reasons I love that woman.


megan said...

LOL!! That's so cute and funny!!:) What a good idea!:)

Mindy H. said...

Adorable!!! You must get your primo creative genes from your mom! She is pretty darn cool.

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