Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Luckiest Kid I've Ever Met

I'm so bad.  I should be cleaning my house - we're leaving on our trip reeeeeeeeeeeeally early in the morning.  But this is what I always do.  When faced with a deadline, I do something completely unrelated. 

Here's what we did yesterday - my darling friend Megs took our family's pictures.  She posted a teaser on her crafting blog of my Micah:
He really is so beautiful, isn't he?  And doesn't Megs do good work??  I can't wait to see the rest of them.  We went up to Cress Creek, by Heise.  I haven't been up there in years!  It's just as beautiful as I remember.

Afterwards, we went to Heise for some pizza.  Oh, mama, was that ever good.  I took some crappy pics with my phone.  This is me, Megs, and Gage:
And Ben and Mikey:

So dude.  In the basement of this little pizza place, they have arcade games.  Dylan talked Ben into giving him a few bucks to play the games.  One of the games was that claw game, where you put your money in and try to grab stuffed toys with the claw thing, right?  I have NEVER known anyone that has actually won that game.  EVER.

Guess who won FIVE TOYS.  Fiiiiiive toys!!!  Dylan.  Can you believe that???  He gave Sadie two, and then each of the other kids got one.
The kid kills me.  He always wins everything.  Every art contest he enters.  Random drawings for toys or prizes at parties.  Seriously.  It's crazy.
And guess what we saw on the drive home?  Three enormous moose munching away in an alfalfa field:

Sorry.  You can't really see.  But that's a moose.  And he was biiiig.


Aprillium said...

:D Great pic of Micah! and speaking of claw games, my niece is the same way with them! Wins everything!

PS what is Meg's blog?

megan said...

Micah is always so easy to get good pictures of, as long as he's in a good mood:)

My photography website is here:


Lyndsay said...

Send Dylan my way, I never win anything! I cannot believe he won 5 toys, that is ridiculous! Buy that kid a lotto ticket!!

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