Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bubble Bath Winnings

Our ward had its annual (and AWESOME) Sweetheart Ball Friday night.  I always have so much fun at these things.

The decor was amazing, the food was fantastic, and there was a hilarious The Not-So-Newleywed Game.  The committee did a great job.

They had a really fun game where everyone's wedding pictures are on display, and each picture has a number on it, and on your little worksheet, you write who think the couple is.  There were some hard ones.  But I was a super-sleuth.  I figured one out just by the hairdo - the dude has the same hair as he did 50 years ago when he got married.  I only missed two, out of 34 pictures.  I tied for first place with the Relief Society president.  Not bad!!  I won some bubble bath.

And since our tub is, like, five feet long, and two feet wide, we won't be taking any joint romantic bubble baths together anytime soon.  So I let the kids use it.  And they were thrilled:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cool! My kids LOVE bubble bath, but we always forget to put it in. LOL glad the kids could enjoy it.

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