Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anniversary/Valentine's Day Cards

I made a card like this for Ben for Valentine's Day.  I kept all the stuff in a canvas bag, hoping that one day, when I had more time, I could use the rest of the paper to make a few extras.  I finally finished them this week.  I have thirteen of 'em.  These would be good for those of you with summer anniversaries, or to save for next February.  If you want one, contact me or head over to my etsy to order them.  I'm putting them on
The white photo clips in the top picture are metal ones I had on hand. (Those aren't brads holding them to the card - I didn't have any off-white brads on hand, and they didn't have any at Michael's.  So I used small zots to attach the clips to the paper, then used pearl stickers where the brads would have gone.) 

I wanted some pink photo clips, so guess who drew some on my silhouette for me?  Ben, my computer genius husband.  So these pink photo clips are just cardstock (attached to the card with some eyelets I had on hand).  Cool, right?

Which one is my favorite????  Probably...the one with he Chevron print background.  I'm a sucker for Chevron print.

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Megan said...

I am so envious of your card making abilities!! You are SO AMAZING at it!! These turned out SO cute! I couldn't even tell the clips weren't metal from the picture! I was like, what is she talking about?!! :)

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