Monday, July 29, 2013

Mr. and Mrs.

I have to hop in the shower, but I really quickly wanted to show you the wedding card I made for one of my former Sunday School students from San Diego:

I mod-podged these letters onto the white cardstock - the cuts were so intricate - especially the letter M's - that I knew I couldn't adequately glue them:
I had these buttons on hand - I need to buy some more.  It was a stretch for me to even find these ones:
I'm so, so in love with my Silhouette. :)  I'll make more of these later and put them onto my un-looked-at Etsy soon, I promise.  Right now I'm finishing up some congratulations cards.  And working on two major crafting projects with my friend Kathleen and my mom.  I'm a busy gal.


Mindy H. said...

Very cute!

Megan said...

GORGEOUS!! I LOVE the pink and grey!! So pretty together! :) I can't wait to see the projects you're working on with your Silhouette!

Kim Hensley said...

Irony- I was checking on my blog and hit next blog 3-4 times and landed on your blog. In fact, the few in between weren't even active. Your blog is adorable and I love your cards! I too am a cardmaker which is why I think it is ironic that your blog was only a few clicks away from mine, lol. Where do you get your card making supplies? You should check out my blog at

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