Monday, July 8, 2013

We love the babies.

We just came back from quite the raucous reunion on Ben's side of the family in Utah. (All these years, I thought raucous was pronounced "rah-shuss."  Just found out that it's pronounced "rah-cuss."  How sad I didn't know that until now.)  So.  Much.  Fun.  Was.  Had.  By.  All.  This is what my brother-in-law would refer to as Tier Two of the H family - basically, Ben's and his step-brothers' and sister's children.  Plus me.  Because someone had to hold the teeny ones:
And here is the whole group of us - all three Tiers:

If you look closely, you may see Ben and I each taking turns holding an adorable brown-haired baby. Here are some close-ups of the pictures above, plus a bunch of outtakes:
And later that day:

No, we did not have a baby recently, physical evidence on my body to the contrary. (We were just helping Ben's stepdad's step-granddaughter with her baby.  Yes, Ben's family tree is a little complicated.  Whose isn't?)  Check out the belly on me in these photos:

I'm pretty certain I need to burn that shirt and never wear it again.  And then burn about 1000 calories per day in the gym.  Because DAMN I look bad.  No, I did not just have a baby.  Nor am I pregnant, though I look like I am.  Wow.  Sad, sad, sad.

Speaking of sad, here are some more outtake close-ups of my darling son, Micah:

This basically sums up his whole weekend. 

And his whole life, really.

Such drama.

At least he doesn't look like he's pregnant.  I'm the one who should be crying, facing the wall, in all pictures that are taken of me.


Kyle and Shelly said...

I so totally feel your pain with the photo thing Kar. I saw myself in pictures from YW camp in my spandex "exercise" pants in a ropes course harness and thought to myself, yeah, I could totally pass as one of the contestants in worlds strongest man competiton. Totally nasty, my pics I mean. I've vowed to always have a smallish person stand in front of me in pictures from now on to hide all of this lovliness. ugh. Hey maybe we could me motivational across the nation fitness goal buds, waddya say?

Mindy H. said...

I'm glad you all had such a great time at the reunion. And if you want to feel better about how you look in your photos, I will send you some shots of me visiting family in California. Now THAT is scary. You, my dear, are a cutie!

Kar said...

Shelly, yes, let's be Motivational Across the Nation Fitness Goal Buds. We'll call ourselves the MATNFGB's. :)

Megan said...

UGH, I need to do the same thing! Every time I see a picture of me I duck and run for cover. LOL Glad it was a fun weekend!! :)

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