Monday, October 7, 2013

A tomboy. Who loves makeup. (?)

I was teaching my Sunday School students a few weeks ago about how well Heavenly Father knows each of them.  I compared it to how well I know my kids.  I sometimes think I know my kids more than they know themselves.  For example, when Gage sneezes, I know he's going to sneeze two more times.   He always sneezes exactly three times.  The only fruit Gage likes is canteloupe.  I know that Dylan is an intensely spiritual person.  I know that his favorite soda is cream soda, with root beer in second place.  I know that Micah wishes that he was the baby of the family.  I know that he is intensely jealous of Sadie in all ways.  And I know that he worships Dylan and wants to be just like him.

Here are some things you may not know about Sadielicious.
 (Sadie showing off her new Rabbit Teeth.  And Micah, her Shadow.)
Sadie is such an interesting do-berry (that's our nickname for her).  She HATES getting her hair done.  Yet she wants long hair.  I keep telling her that, if she doesn't want to do her hair, she should have it short.  But she wants it long.  We have a deal where she lets me do her hair every other day.  If it was up to her, I would never do her hair, and she would never brush it.  It would just be this big crazy mess.  Today I was allowed to do her hair:
I don't know why she doesn't like her hair looking cute every day, but that's where we differ.  I always wanted my hair done when I was growing up.  And if it was up to me, I'd do my hair every day now.  You may think that I don't like my hair looking cute every day, because I never do it, but I have a different reason than Sadie does - I just don't have time to do it.  I honestly can't remember the last time I had time to do my hair...

She pretends to like Barbies, but she never plays with them. They sit in her drawer.  But she won't let me get rid of them.  When she was three, she got a doll and a stroller for the doll for Christmas.  She threw the doll to the side, put Dylan's toy cars in the stroller, and pushed the cars around.

She hates having her hair done cute, but she ADORES makeup.  In fact, she started making a Christmas list already (!) and makeup is one of the things she wants:
When Sadie plays, she prefers to run around, climb the furniture, jump off the furniture, and play loud, screaming, raucous games of "Hide and Sink," as she calls it.  She has a couple of really cute girly friends who like to play Dress Ups.  We don't really have any Dress Ups, so they just try on Sadie's church clothes.  We tried getting her some Dress Ups once, and they sat in the box for a year.  So we got rid of them.  Sadie will graciously play Dress Ups for awhile, but then she'll start begging her friends to play Hide and Sink or go ride their bikes.  Notice on her Christmas list that she wrote "princess dresses."  I truly believe she's asking for them so that her friends have something to do when they're here. :)

You would think, with her love of running around and being rowdy, that she would love sports.  Not so much.  We put her in volleyball this summer, and she was like, "Meh."  She loves art.  I have her enrolled in an art class, and she LA-HOVES it.  She is really talented.  The class she just finished was on The Line.
For this assignment, they had to trace the lines in a picasso painting, and then paint it how they wanted to:
 They made lines of clay and painted them in this assignment:
Micah just informed me that he wants his "work of art" on my blog, as well:
Recently, Ben and I have watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix about ballet, and after watching them, spellbound, she has decided that she wants to take dance classes again.  Not sure how we'll pay for that.  And she is hopelessly pidgeon-toed, so I'm not sure how that will go for her. :)  We told her she had to choose between art classes and ballet classes, though.  I really don't like to overschedule my kids.  Or pay for said overscheduling.


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