Monday, October 14, 2013

Beadsie's Baby

My sis, Beads, is preggars!!  So excited for her.  She was so good at keeping it a secret - we found out last week that she's 12 weeks along.  I was always so bad at keeping my pregnancies a secret. :)  All these weeks, I'd be like, "How are you doing?  What have you been up to?"  Not a word from her about this...

I asked her what they were thinking about names for boys or girls, and she said she and her hubs had decided against talking about names with people.  I actually think that's a good idea.  Everyone has an idea, and more than once, I've had people go, "Ugh, that's an ugly name..."  Or, when we told people we wanted to name our daughter Sadie, I had several people say, "That was my dog's name!!"

And seriously, I know so many people with dogs named Sadie.  Two in my ward alone.  Through the years, I'd say I've known ten people whose dogs are named Sadie.

But that's not the only problem with talking baby names with people.

You see, my mom has this thing she does.  I'd honestly call it a hobby of hers.  It's really quite endearing and makes me laugh so hard.  She is OBSESSED with helping people pick out baby names.  Years ago, when my cousin's wife, Ashley, was expecting, my mom actually made up a list of names that she thought of and e-mailed it to her.  Haha!

And her name choices are usually....pretty creative.  I'll never forget when Nat and I were pregnant with Ivy and Micah.  My mom had to have shoulder surgery, and she was in the little recovery area.  Nat and I went to visit her.  She was high as a kite.

Mom:  So......have you guys been thinking about names for your babies?

Me:  Yeah, we have a few picked out that Ben and I agree on.

Nat:  Yeah, us, too.

Mom:  You know, Nat, I was thinking about names for your baby girl.  Get a load of this:  Natete.  It's a mixture of Natalie and Pete! Isn't that cuuuuute???

Nat:  Um, not really....

Mom:  Or.  Or!  How about Petalie??  Pete and Natalie!

Nat:  Petalie?  Really, mom. 

Mom:  Or since Pete's real name is Brian, we could do all kinds of stuff with that.  Brylie!  Brylie!  That's cute!

Nat:  Yeah, that's pretty cute, but we really have a few that we feel good about already.

Mom:  Or  Nattan.  Natalie and Brian.

Nat:  Um...

Mom:  Or part of your middle name and part of Pete's name.  JeNete!!  JeNell and Pete!

Nat:  JeNete??  Are you serious???

Mom:  Or Petell!  Ooooh, that's a good one.

Nat is usually uncomfortable visiting Mom when she's high from a surgery anyways, and with the addition of these crazy names, her face was starting to turn a little purple.  So I stopped laughing and leaned in to Mom.  Softly, I said, "Mom, you have to stop."

So I think Brianna's choice is a good one.  I can see it now.  Her husband's name is Spencer.  Mom would have a field day with that.  Briencer.  Spencanna.  The possibilities are endless. :)

And may I just say one more thing - I got this ultrasound picture from Spencer's sister's blog.  Not from my sister herself.  But I get it.  She works, like, 80 hours a week.  She's quite the busy little bee.  And she's really not into picture-sharing or facebook or anything like that.  However, I still had to give her a lot of crap about having to retrieve a picture of my future niblet from my brother-in-law's sister. :)


Emily Zoe Hale said...

I think Sadie is such a cute name! We get a lot of "That's my dog's name" with Winston too... Whatevs.

Kathleen said...

People can be so rude. Why do they think it's okay? Congrats to your sister!

Jenny said...

I'm so excited for them! I just wish they were closer. I would LOVE to babysit. :)

Megan said...

Oh, I LOVE coming up with baby names!! Let her know I have a good list going if she wants them:) hehe

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