Thursday, June 6, 2013

Check these bad boys out.

 Yeeee!  I finished these a couple of nights ago.  I've got thirty of 'em, so if you want some, I've got oodles.
The little bookplates on them?  Cut out by my silhouette, of course.  I friggin' love that thing.  In fact, in one moment I will be browsing the silhouette store for an idea I have for my hubby's (and dad's and father-in-law's and stepfather-in-law's) Father's Day Card(s).  (If you want me to make extras for the men in your life, call me.)
 Which one of these is your favorite?  I've got to say the top one is definitely mine.
And I've also got to say that I looooove the mustard color in these.  So fun. 

Kay, I'm going to throw these onto my etsy.  You can buy them there, or if you're a townie and want to come over and get some, call me.

That sounded kind of kinky.

1 comment:

Megan said...

Haha, that did sound kind of kinky ... :) I would LOVE some of these!! I gave some winter ones to my kids' teachers I bought from you a long time ago. I wish I had thought of asking you to make some for me!! I think I'll take 5 of these. I'll bring the money on Saturday. I would also LOVE some father's day cards too!! Hmmmm... probably 5 of those too :) You're so amazing Kar!! Also, on another note, you should make people in town buy through your Etsy shop too. That way you get your business through there to increase! You can always post a custom order and have it not include shipping. I did that with a friend of mine in the ward. She wants to buy suits for her kids and I want to make sure I get the sale to count through my shop. We both win! :)(Sorry to make this comment so long!! Did that make sense?!!)

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