Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Mom's Master Plan

My mom has been planning out Sadie's life for the past few years, ever since it became apparent that Sadie would be a Tall Girl.  (Sadie is currently Dylan's height, and he's two years older than she is.)

Here is the plan:  Sadie will play volleyball, love it, excel at it, and get a full-ride scholarship to college.

So we put her on the road toward her inevitable fate this week when we signed her up for a volleyball "camp" at a local high school.  The high school girls teach little girls how to play volleyball, and the money they earn goes towards uniforms, traveling, whatever.

I actually did one of these camps when I was 11 or 12.  I liked it okay.  It was very painful, though, hitting a ball with your arms/wrists repeatedly.  I think that's why I never really got into it.  And I wasn't into sacrificing my body to hit a ball.  But I learned the game, and it was fun hanging out with other girls my age and doing something exciting.

Sadie seemed to like volleyball alright.  She complained about hurting her thumbs on the ball and hurting her leg when she dove for a ball, but besides that, she enjoyed herself.  The other day, I saw her trying to teach a neighbor girl how to bump a volleyball in the backyard, which was adorbs.

I thought camp was four days long, and I had planned to take action pictures of her on the fourth day, but it was only three days.  So this is all I have to show for Sadie's experience this week - a t-shirt:
I need to hop onto the Parks and Rec website and see if they have any volleyball classes this fall.  But I also promised her I'd let her take art classes this fall, and I can't afford's a conundrum.  We'll see.


lexykay said...

I went to one of those camps too. I remember it killing my forearms as well. It would be fun if Sadie got really into volleyball!

Megan said...

I hope your moms plan works out!! That would be so awesome! She'll get used to using her body to play the game :)

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