Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friends with Benefits

Sadie has long begged me to let her dye her entire head of hair pink.  And I have long told her that she can do that when she has a job and saves up her own money to deface her lovely hair.  I'm always telling her how many women dye their hair to make it look like her exact color.  She doesn't care.  She wants pink hair.
I was moving the sprinkler outside yesterday, and when I came back in, there was a message waiting for me on my phone.  On the message was Sadie's plaintive voice.

"Mooooom, can I pleeeeeeeeeease have some pieces of pink hair?  Zya's grandma has some stuff you can put in your hair to make it pink.  Pleeeeeeease???"

So I called Zya's grandma.  She said she had some purple and pink extensions (she does hair out of her own house) and was wondering if she could attach them to Sadie's hair - just a couple of them.  Which I was totally cool with.

Here's the result - her hair looks a little weird because it was done in twists and had to be taken out in a couple of different parts to put the extensions in:
To say that she is thrilled about it is an understatement.  And it's been a fascinating thing for both of us.  I've never had extensions or seen extensions up close, and we're both so worried about doing something to make them fall out...we've been treating them with kid gloves.  But they're fun.

It's fun having a best friend whose grandma does hair. :)

And yes, that is Gage in the background, sipping on some Coke in just a diaper and a shirt. We're basically the best parents EVER.

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lexykay said...

Oooh how fun! If you have any extensions care questions, just let me know! I just put mine back in. Also, at SUU we'd put in a few red extensions. They were fun.
- Lex

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