Monday, June 24, 2013

Provident and Improvident

Ugh, I'm going to have a hard time posting these pictures, because I'm mad at Sadie right now.  I told her to let Micah play with a toy of Gage's, because Gage is napping, and she gave me the worst stinkface look ever. 

She's in her room.

I'm so glad I only have one girl.  Oh the drama.

There's a really sweet gal in my ward who sometimes goes through her daughter's old stuff and gives it to us for Sadie to wear.  I'm always really appreciative, because Sadie doesn't have an older sibling from whom to get hand-me-downs.  When she grows out of a size, we have to go buy her a whole bunch of new clothes.  It's a killer.  With my boys, with the exception of Dylan, if they grow out of clothes, I open up the box labeled with the next size up.

Anyways, she gave Sadie some pants, shirts, and dresses that are just her size, and I was sooo excited.  This dress had some damage, but I was determined to revitalize it, and I did, with minimal cost:
There was a big tear over the left chest area.  I went to my mom's house and asked her what to do, and she used a darning setting on her sewing machine to sew the tear up.  I saw a feathered flower thingey at Wal-Mart for like 2 bucks that matched the material on the dress, so I snatched that up and sewed it onto the tear.  The flowered feather thingey had a really cheesy sparkly fake diamond heart in the middle, so I gently pried that loose and sewed some pink buttons onto the middle instead:

And then, to make it modest, I went hunting for a shrug or an undershirt.  It took some doing, but I found the above shirt at Downeast Basics - it was in the women's section, but I bought an xx-small, hoping I could make it work.  The green perfectly matched the little green ribbon leaves on the buds that dot the skirt of the dress.  I think I might have to take up the seams on the shoulders of the shirt - it fits her well around the mid-section, but the chest and shoulder areas are a little big, you know, because she's not a woman yet. 

But I was really proud of myself.  The whole re-vamp cost about $10.  Which maybe is not that provident, because I could probably buy a dress at Wal-Mart for $10....  But whatever.  Sadie was thrilled with it and wore her ensemble the entire day yesterday.  To church and beyond.  (To infinity and BEYOND!!)

And then here am I with my completely improvident ensemble for church yesterday.  I did get the dress with my birthday money, but I actually bought the accompanying shoes and earrings.  Which is improvident.  But sometimes a girl wants to wear pretty things. Am I right, or am I right?
I realllllly hesitate to post the above picture.  I look pregnant.  And I went to Great Clips Friday and the lady did not do the greatest job cutting my hair.

Accept your body, Kar.  You've had four and a half kids.  The jig is up.  It's okay.  

Sorry.  Had to give myself a teeny little pep talk there.

But look at these really cute earrings:
And Ben calls these my Hooker Wedges.  Which makes me feel a little uncomfortable, since I bought them to wear to church:
I don't think a hooker would wear these.  I think she would go for a more stiletto black type thing.  And she would definitely not wear a below-the-knee-and-up-to-the-neck dress, eh?

Parenthetically, when Ben refers to these shoes as hooker shoes, it's a compliment.  These shoes make him very, very happy. :)

All I need now is a nice, green, chunky, long necklace to complete the look.  That's what I think.  I'm on the hunt.


Patty said...

Kar! So much to say here. #1 You don't look pregnant. Are you nuts? I saw that picture and went va-va-VOOM! Go Kaaaarrrrr! Sleek and stylish. #2 Those are not hooker shoes. They are summery. They are fashionable. They look great on you. #3 Go for a bright melon necklace. Or yellow! It would really pop. You look hot, hot, hot.

Kar said...

Ooh, Pats, you're right. You are sooo my fashion guru. You helped me see the light of belts.

Megan said...

I ditto everything Patty said!! When you said you look pregnant I was like WHHHAAATTT??!! You look so amazing Kar! Very sexy! that dress looks good on you! And I love those shoes! i agree, you should do a yellow necklace!

Megan said...

oh, I forgot to comment about Sadie's dress. It looks great! I think it's awesome you did a revamp on it! I totally thought the shoulders were a part of the dress! :)

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