Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Foray into Bow-Making

Soooo, like I said, I went to my mom's Super Saturday activity for her ward Relief Society, and in addition to the Thanksgiving display, we learned to make three different types of bows. Here are mine:

I've seen these styles around for awhile, and I always thought they must be so complicated to make, but they're actually quite easy. This one involved a long strip of twisted fabric and lots of glue:

And I need to figure out what kind of glue they had, because it's crazy-strong.

I picked this up at Porter's the other day - it's called a Gluber:

These disks come pre-cut and are extremely sticky, apparently, eliminating the need for all the glue. I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but we'll see how it goes.

This one was also easy:

You use this template and cut 16 flowers out of some kind of polyester fabric - it has to be polyester. You have to then burn the edges of each flower with a candle flame. Then you fold and sew, fold and sew. Sixteen times. It's time-consuming, but with a gorgeous result. My adorable cousin, Kelsi, got married last summer, and one of her friends made several of these types of flowers and attached them in kind of a cascade to Kelsi's wedding dress - so beautiful:

Then the ribbon one:

Again, a little bit of sewing involved, and a little bit of hot glue.

A couple of months ago, I taught my friend, Megs, how to make the ribbon ones, making two more in the process of teaching her:

The one on the left is from some leftover scrapbooking ribbon I have (it goes good with an off-white sweater Sadie has), and the one on the right matches one of her t-shirts exactly. So cute.

I'm going to Boise this weekend for Dylan's Taekwondo tournament. It promises to be a really looooong weekend with much sitting around, so I decided to bring a project. I cut a whole bunch of ribbon I have on hand to make bows for Sadie that match her shirts:

I have 'em all in baggies, and hopefully it will be something easy I can do to take up time while I'm sitting around. I probably, as usual, have bitten off more than I can chew! We shall see.


Emily Empey said...

I love making the ribbon bows! I WOULD love to learn that black fabric one! SO cute!

megan said...

I love all those bows you made!! SO cute!! Thanks for teaching me!! I hope you got a lot of bows done that weekend during the Dylan's Tournament!:)

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