Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas - a time to celebrate creepy centerpieces.

I was just (finally) re-sizing Christmas Eve pictures today and had a good chuckle.  My mom has this Christmas centerpiece of carolers sitting on her kitchen table every year.  My grandma really was quite a good artist and had painted the figurines, but I think she had a little trouble with the eyes:
They are quite creepy.  I've put them in order from creepiest to least creepy for you. 

I love teasing my mom about these centerpieces, but truth be told, when my mom passes away in 30 years or whatever, I want these.  Because they make me laugh.  And because they remind me of my grams.

So Mom, write this down:  Kar wants the creepy Christmas centerpiece when you and Dad are gone.  I don't care about fine jewelery or furniture or whatever. I just want the creepy centerpiece. :)


Lyndsay said...

Wow, those are creepy! I hope you get them, Sadie, Reilly and I are already fighting over who gets my mom's angel tree topper, I think we've decided we'll have to do shared custody!

lexykay said...

I think the first guy is creepy, but I don't mind the other ones! I also love these centerpieces!

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