Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I'd Play if I Was a Spinning Teacher

Who secretly took a picture of me???  Haha!  I have told that joke for as long as I can remember.  As my mom would say, that joke is old as the hills and twice as dusty. :)

So.  Music will make or break a spinning class, in my opinion.  One of my teachers is over-fond of Nickelback, which kind of ruins the class for me.  She is an amaaaaaaazing teacher, but when the music doesn't pump me up, I have a hard time staying motivated.

I had a spinning teacher in Salt Lake who once played all Styx music for one class, and it was one of the best classes ever.  Who knew that Styx would be perfect spinning music??

I'm always mentally composing lists of music that I would play if I was a spinning teacher.  Which I am not ever planning on doing. I'd have an eclectic mix.  Nothing slow or kiiinda slow or anything that starts out slow.  Those slow-starting songs lower my RPM's by like ten within seconds.

So here's what I've come up with so far:

Warm Up - this is two or three songs, so they don't have to be really fast, but they still must pump one up.
1.  No Diggity by Black Street  (Karlenn in full effect.  Natalie in full effect.  Brianna in full effect.  Lexi in full effect.)
2.  Kiss by Prince (You don't have to watch have an attiTUDE...)

Bulk of the Class - whether it's fast flats, intervals, pacelines, or climbs, you want fast, gooood music here.  I'd pick from any of the following:
1.  Scream and Shout by and Britney Spears  (All eyes on us, all eyes on us, all eyes on us...)
2.  Jesse's Girl by Rick Springfield (and she's watching him with those eeeeeyyyyes..... and she's loving him with that body, I JUST KNOW IT...)
3.  Dynamite by Taio Cruz  (I came to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE...)
4.  Rolling in the Deep by Adele
5.  Everybody Wants You by Billy Squier
6.  Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer
7.  Don't Bring Me Down by E.L.O.  (Don't bring me dooooooown, rrrrrroooooooshhh!  Don't bring me do-wow-own, rrrrrrrooooooshhhh!!!)
8.  Your Love is My Drug by Kesha (I like your beard...)
9.  Pokerface by Lady Gaga
10.  Rio by Duran Duran
11.  New Sensation by INXS (No male has ever rocked a hair bow in his ponytail like Michael Hutchence.)
12.  Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
13.  Blow Me One Last Kiss by Pink
14.  Meet Me Halfway by the Black-Eyed Peas
15.  Let's Get It Started by the Black-Eyed Peas (Sorry, but the Black-Eyed Peas have been my favorite for several years now.  Gotta have my faves on the list.)
16.  Hey Ya by Outkast
17.  Love Today by MIKA
18.  On the Floor by JLo
Cool Down - just a few songs.  These can be as slow as you like.
1.  Diamonds by Rihanna
2.  Class A Team by Ed Sheeran
3.  Suga Suga by Baby Bash

And I'd make like 10 different CD's with all different music so that my spinning students wouldn't get bored.  It would be awesome.  But yeah, I'm not ever going to be a spinning teacher, because the issue would be that I would sing along to the songs and try to dance with my upper body while spinning with my lower body - not very professional.

Oh, and P.S. - Yes, adjusting the cleat things on my spinning shoes did the trick - no more numb toes!!  I'm in love with my spinning shoes.  I'm thinking of proposing to them soon.

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Casady Clark said...

I'd totally take your spinning class!

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