Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Smoosh

Micah loves to eat snow.  We always remind him to make sure it's not dirty and that it's DEFINITELY not yellow, and he's good about it.  So I let it go.  There's a particular bank of snow he likes to feast upon.  It's next to some stairs that we take to get up into our house.  If he stands near the base of the stairs, his face is right there by the snow.  And he doesn't pick it up with his hands and eat it.  He just leans down and puts his face right near it, lapping it up like a dog.  Silly kid.

The other night, we all came home from something, and Ben could just not resist - while Micah was lapping up his snow, Ben just kind of ... smooshed his face in it.

Boy, was Micah mad.  Here is his face print:

I tried to keep a straight face while I wiped the snow off it and hugged him, but it was seriously funny.  And yes, Ben apologized and hugged Micah, too.

Some things are just too irresistible.  It's like if someone is walking up the stairs in front of me.  I always have to smack them in the butt, bongo-style, until they start squealing and running.  And I run after them, bongo-ing away.

Don't worry; I keep this habit limited to family.  (And I used to do it to my roommates, too.)


megan said...

That is HILARIOUS!! :) How funny that he doesn't pick it up with his hands, but I guess it's more convenient to just lick it if it's right at his face level! Hehe! brynnan LOVES to eat snow too.

brooke said...

I can picture you doing that too!!

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