Monday, January 21, 2013

She's a playah.

Just like her mom.  But not in that way...  Sadie looooves playing board games and card games.  (As do I.)  Especially Monopoly, which she calls "Bonopoly."

A couple of weeks ago, we had her BFF, Londyn, over for a playdate, and we all played a rousing game of Blockers.
Over Christmas, we were at my parents' house, and we were playing Wacky 6, and Sadie wanted to join in.  I didn't think she'd get it or be able to do it, but she picked right up on it and did really well.

We're having my brother-in-law over for dinner and games Friday night; I have no doubt Sadie will want to join in with the adults.  Because she's a playah. :)


lexykay said...

Sadie did AWESOME during the game. I was really impressed!! Dude - if you have pictures from the holidays you should email them to me or put them on face book so I can steal them :)

megan said...

That is so fun!! Jonas and Brynnan love to play games, but I don't think they'd have fun with adult ones. That's great that she understood so well! Smart girl! :)

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