Thursday, January 24, 2013

He appreciates beautiful things.

My adorable mom made a skirt for Sadie.  I love it and Sades loves it.  And Mom actually found two shirts that match it perfectly!!

She wore her skirt and one of her shirts yesterday, and she looked so cute.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of her in it.  It's such a novelty to have clothes that fit that girl.  For her to have a skirt that isn't fitting like a mini skirt.  She is growing like a weed.  It became apparent to us in December or so that she was getting too tall for her size 7 stuff.  So we bought her some size 8 stuff for Christmas and guess what?  She's too tall for that, too.  My very smart mom was cognizant of this and got Sadie size 10-12 shirts, which are nice and long and cover that cute little belly of Sadie's.  She's just in that weird no-man's-land of too big for size 8, they don't make size 9, too small for size 10.  It's a weird land that Dylan resided in for awhile.

Anywho, when Micah saw what Sadie had gotten, he was green with envy.  He looooves beautiful things.  Especially when they involve sparkles (which Sadie's shirts both involve).  He was really upset and wanted a new shirt.

I've never met a little boy who cares about clothes until I had Micah.

My mom took pity on the poor little one and took him to Shopko to pick out something.  He made a beeline to the very shirts that Mom had picked out for Sadie, insisting that he wanted one just like hers.  My mom, after much persuading and hugging, led him to the boy's clothing department, and they found a Toy Story hoodie that made Micah happy:
He calls it his "Christmas sweater."  Not sure why.  And he looooves it.  He has worn it night and day for three days straight.  I'm going to have to fight him to wash it this afternoon, I'm sure.  Because I have to fight Micah on EVERYTHING.

I took him to preschool on Tuesday, and it was -9 outside.  And he refused to wear his coat.  "I already have my Christmas sweater, Mom.  I don't need a coat."  I told him that it was -9 outside and that his hoodie was in no way going to make him warm enough, but of course, he couldn't be persuaded.  So I just grabbed his coat on our way out the door and took it along with us. He was mad that I did that.  And he was mad when I took his coat in to his preschool and explained to his teacher why on this earth he wasn't wearing a parka in this weather.  Sighhhh.

She got him to put on his parka to come home.  Because she's magical like that.  He's really good for her.  Thank goodness.  I was terrified when I signed him up for preschool.  I thought, "He's going to get kicked out of preschool.  And I'm going to be so embarrassed."  But for the most part, he is really cooperative and good there.  He shows her his best side.  And I'm glad for that.  Wish he'd do the same thing for me.


lexykay said...

He is so sweet! I think it's cute he likes pretty things, just like his Dad. It's a fabulous and rare thing to find a guy that actually notices and appreciates beautiful things.

megan said...

That's so funny he went right to the same shirts as Sadie had!:) I'm glad he was able to find something else that made him happy though. Brynnan is my Micah. He can be such a sweetie to everyone else, but to me he's a devil! I think we all have a kid that we just butt heads with and it sucks. Micah really is such a sweetheart.

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