Monday, January 28, 2013

Teca Coma Food

We had my brother-in-law, Chrissie-Pooh, over for dinner Friday night.  The poor guy is all alone, all alone, while my sis, Lex, is doing a Physical Therapy affiliation in Arizona for a couple of months.

Before I move on, I have to tell you the origins of "all alone, all alone."  When I taught school, I had this kid in the 7th grade who was MAJORLY ADHD.  But he was also really, really funny.  And whenever anything whatsoever would refer to a person being by themselves, he would comment, "He was all alone, all alone..."  It's become part of my vernacular now.

When we lived in San Diego, there was a Mexican food restaurant nearby called El Azteca.  They had ENORMOUS burritos.  I taught Sunday School down there, too, and two of my students, Tyler and ...dang.  I can't remember the other kid's name.  I called him Reggie because he was obsessed with some sports guy named Reggie.  So we'll just continue calling him Reggie, eh?

So anywho, Tyler and Reggie frequented El Azteca...frequently.  And they would always refer to the drowsy, full-tummy effect of eating one of those burritos as a "Teca Coma."

I got some cooked tortillas at a local Mexican food restaurant for some fajitas I made Friday night (once you've been spoiled with good, huge, homemade, authentic Mexican tortillas, it's reeeeally hard to go back to the store-bought kinds), and Ben and Chris just PILED the fajita stuff inside of theirs.  Their fajitas were enormous.  I had to take a picture of Chris's:
It's hard to tell, but that is a cylindrical shape Chris is holding.  It may look at first blush to be a flat quesadilla-type thing, but nope.  It's a cylinder.  With the diameter of, like, four inches.  Guys crack me up.  They can eat so much food!  We're in major trouble when my boys are teenagers.

After we ate, we played some games that I borrowed from my mom, Wackee Six and Ticket to Ride.  I don't remember who won Ticket to Ride, but Chris spanked the rest of us in Wackee Six:
May I point out my ineptitude in math?  I was the scorekeeper.  And look at where I actually carried the one in several instances. I can't carry numbers mentally.  And look at how I used dots to add five to eight.  It's ridiculous.

We all have our talents.  Math is not one of mine.

We had a good time with the Chris-meister.  We wish you could have been here with us, Lexi!

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Nyline said...

where is your sister here in az! maybe i can take her to lunch or something!

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